Web Based Fleet Management Software

Full Access. Full Control. From anywhere, on any device.

If you're thinking about implementing fleet management software, we know there's a wide range of options and companies to choose from. Here at US Fleet Tracking, we consider ourselves to be the best. If you're not sure what benefits GPS tracking software will have for you, or why you should go with US Fleet Tracking, we'd like to share with you the benefits of our system.

What Makes Us Different

Most GPS tracking companies have proprietary software or GPS tracking apps that they require you to download and install to make use of their product. With US Fleet Tracking, accessibility is provided through any standard web browser. Everything is provided online, so no additional installation for our fleet management software is required beyond entering a username and password from the homepage.

Additionally, US Fleet Tracking provides the fastest updates in the widest coverage area for the lowest price. Our devices automatically transmit position every ten seconds whenever the vehicle is in motion, giving you a complete picture that you can play back, letting you see exactly where your vehicles and assets are, and where they've been.

Internet-Based Fleet Management Software
Features and Benefits of Our Fleet Management Software

US Fleet Tracking's GPS systems include a multitude of features and advantages that make fleet implementation an excellent idea for saving costs, or simply providing peace of mind. The features of our GPS online tracking system are unbeatable, and include:

  • Notifications for ignitions, speed, and idle times
  • Mileage, letting you know when vehicles are due for maintenance
  • Geofencing, when a tagged vehicle enters or exits a designated area
  • Live traffic and weather reports
  • Activity playback
  • LIVE access and real-time reports, with full access and control from any browser-capable device

The applications of our live GPS tracking system is limited only by your imagination, with a wide range of benefits for private companies and public citizens alike.

  • Reduce labor expenses: With geofencing, you can keep track of when tagged vehicles enter or leave a job site. This eliminates the need for a time sheet, which can be untrustworthy. A report of employee work times can easily be pulled, preventing you from paying for wasted or falsified hours.
  • Eliminate side jobs: By knowing where your vehicles are at all times, you can be sure that your fleet isn't being used for outside business on the part of your employees, costing you income in added fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce wasted mileage: With a record of miles driven and routes taken, along with traffic reports and GPS routing ability, dispatchers can choose the most efficient route for your vehicles, reducing time on the road and saving costly wear and tear on your vehicles.
  • Securing assets: By tagging your vehicles and other business assets, you can prevent loss due to theft, or the use of company vehicles without permission or during non-operating hours, saving you on insurance liability.
  • Reduce billing disputes: With geofencing, you can maintain an accurate and indisputable record of time spent on the job site, allowing you to print out precise invoices for your customers.

For additional information on how your company can benefit from this software, please call 405-726-9900 to speak with a professional consultant.