Electrical GPS Tracking

Keep your fleet on the move.

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Track Your Equipment

Maintaining every vehicle and piece of equipment can be difficult and involve tedious data collection. Our alert notifications feature is ideal, because you can receive maintenance alerts by text and/or email. Mileage and hours-of-use information is a simple click away. Your business is helping customers get the service they need, not maintaining equipment.


Imagine getting an alert the moment your truck moves in the middle of the night. With US Fleet Tracking, you’ll instantly receive a text message alerting you that it has moved. You have the power to report suspicious activities as they happen, not after discovering it hours later.

Save on Fuel

Cut down on your fuel costs by verifying your employees aren’t taking the scenic routes. Last minute dispatching is a breeze by easily identifying the closest vehicle at that moment. Need to manage fuel purchases across your entire fleet? Take advantage of US Fleet Tracking’s fuel card and fuel card integration to keep tabs on your company’s fuel usage.

Let us show you how our system keeps your fleet on the move.