GPS Tracking for Field Services

Streamline Field Technicians Schedules and Optimize Routes

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Industry leaders in the field service business talk about fleet tracking

You’re running a business where the bulk of service is conducted at your clients’ location. Keep your costs down by managing your mobile workforce. USFT helps you track your technicians, inherently lending powerful tools to help them with efficiency, and minimize the money you spend on your fleet to maximize your profits.

“The technicians showed up to their first call 30 minutes earlier on average than they had before.”

Greg Elliott

Standley Systems

A field service management solution using GPS tracking softwareBusiness Equipment Tracking Integration

Whether you’re just getting started with fleet management or you’ve been focusing on it for years, USFT's products and service will give you the edge over your competition. You can immediately deploy our system from basic GPS tracking to integration fleet and service call dispatch.

Yes, we integrate directly with popular office equipment service software packages such as e-automate™ and MWA Intelligence™ just to name a few. We even help you tie the tracking, dispatch and weather data directly into your ERP system.

Accountability - Fleet Management lets you track field operations in real-time

When clients want your assistance, they need it immediately. Respond quicker with USFT's reporting and alert functions. These functions help you ensure quality control measures among your technicians without having debriefing phone or email conversations. Whether that’s text alerts when technicians arrive on site, reports on total driving time or knowing your employees are where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.

Live Dispatching when field technicians are working our in the field

With USFT's ability to directly integrate with other dispatching software programs, you are able to quickly dispatch service calls without having technicians initially respond with location. Pull up the tracking map and visually see the closest technician to the call’s location. It’s that simple. Because the system is live, you meet your clients needs in amazingly short amount of time.

Equipment Tracking Cost Savings - fuel costs, time tracking and automated reporting

USFT prides itself on helping clients cut the cost of running their company within the first month of service. In most cases the cost savings come from a decrease in fuel consumption and maintenance to vehicles. Sometimes cost savings come when your technicians are able to complete one or two additional service calls a day. That’s a little more than 250 additional service calls a year. That’s more money for you without having to add additional staff or vehicles.

GPS Business Equipment Tracking
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