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GPS Tracking for Trucks

If you’re responsible for the trucking fleet of a company, you’ve probably considered a GPS truck tracking system for your fleet vehicles. And if you haven’t considered implementing one, then you might be unaware of the many benefits that having a truck tracking system in place can provide. Whether you’ve been shopping around for a GPS system, or this is the first time you’ve thought about one, you should know that USFT's system is the best in the industry.

GPS on Trucks - Benefits of our Truck Tracking System

The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system for your fleet are nearly uncountable. You can expect to save money on almost every vehicle-related expense, and labor as well. The benefits of USFT's system include:

Safety and security: With the ability to locate vehicles anywhere at any time, a GPS system will prevent theft and allow you to know if a vehicle has been involved in an accident.

Cost savings: With the ability to watch routes in real time and get tracking reports on drivers operating vehicles at excess speeds or off approved paths, you save money on fuel and on wear and tear for vehicles. Additionally, by having a picture of where a vehicle is and has been, you eliminate the temptation for drivers to perform side jobs or personal errands with your vehicles, ensuring you’re only paying them for the work they perform.

Accessibility: Our truck tracking software operates from any standard internet browser, allowing you to use any web-capable device to access and utilize our system. All you need to do is log in, and our features and functions are right there for you to use.

Value: USFT has been in the business of providing live tracking systems longer than any other company. We offer the most features for the lowest price out of any of our competitors, and our systems are trusted and depended upon all around the globe.

Ease of installation: Our system comes without bulky boxes, complicated wiring, or finicky electronics. With the simple installation of our small, discreet tracker, you’ll be ready to go.

Easy maintenance: By keeping a log of miles and operation hours for each vehicle, scheduling maintenance services is a snap, and it eliminates stacks of costly and tedious paperwork.

Electronic Logging Device: Now federally mandated for all trucks, USFT includes an ELD system. This synchronizes with the engine to form a more accurate log of running time, which also makes tracking maintenance more accurate, while eliminating driving logs for your operators.

Dependable GPS Truck Tracking

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