CloudSat3 GPS Tracker

This fully self-contained, low profile asset GPS tracker device is suitable for extended exposure to outdoor and industrial environments. The CloudSat3 enclosure is IP68 and designed to survive physical and temperature shock. It’s ready for what Mother Nature might throw at it.

With an amazingly long battery life it’s not likely that you’ll be changing out the batteries often. However, when you need to swap out batteries, they are easily changed in the field with readily available Lithium AAA batteries.

See where your assets are located no matter how remote they may be placed. Empower your team to make the right decisions that ultimately creates a more efficient business positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

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  • GPS and satellite connectivity
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 60 C
  • Transmits its location via satellite connectivity up to three times per day
  • SAE J1455 MIL STD 810 | NEMA 4X / IP68 | RoHS Compliant
  • Rugged housing
  • Devices weighs 3.6oz
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Model: CloudSat3 GPS Tracker
  • Temperature: -30° C to +60° C (operating) | -40° C to +85° C (storage)
  • Operating Voltage Range: Up to 49 volts DC
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Tracking Interval: 3 daily updates; 5 minute updates
  • Antenna/Modem: Global LEO Satellite operation using the Globalstar Simplex Data Network
  • Battery Specs: 4 AAA 1.5V Lithium
  • Extended Battery: No
  • Battery Life: 4 AAA batteries provide 1.5+ years of battery life
  • Enclosure: SAE J1455 MIL STD 810 | NEMA 4X / IP68 | RoHS Compliant
  • Shock/Vibration: SAE J1455
  • Portable: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 2.7 × 3.25 × 1 in
  • Product Weight: 3.6 oz
  • CloudSat3 GPS Tracker
  • Product Manual
  • Installation Guide