GPS Trackers for Law Enforcement

We are rooted in law enforcement.

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We are rooted in law enforcement.

Lives and public safety are on the line. USFT's history is grounded in the law enforcement arena through the creation of LIVE 5- and 10-second vehicle tracking systems. We’ve been providing LIVE GPS tracking longer than any other company in the world. Prior to USFT becoming the company it is today, our team concentrated exclusively on live tracking systems for 911 dispatch, law enforcement and ambulance services.

USFT and its employees appreciate what law enforcement officials and first responders do day in and day out for the communities they serve. As a company rooted in law enforcement, it is our honor to recognize you and assist. We created the Back The Blue Program to assist law enforcement in acquiring live GPS tracking devices. Learn more about how USFT helps law enforcement.

“Protecting the safety of the public …protecting the safety and lives of the deputy.”

Sheriff John Whetsel

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Dept.


Your municipalities, local governments and citizens demand that your officers conduct themselves in a manner that meets the tax-payers’ needs. With USFT's reporting and alert functions, you can quickly manage your staff. Whether that’s text alerts when cruisers exceed a predetermined speed, reports on aggressive driving or knowing your officers are where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. It’s about cost savings, but it can also be about saving lives!

Live Dispatching

With USFT's ability to directly integrate with other dispatching software programs, you are able to quickly dispatch your officers without having them initially respond with location. It’s as simple as pulling up the tracking map and visually locating the closest officer to the call’s location. Because the system is live, dispatch can call a pursuit in unknown areas. Imagine advising your responding officers to slow down for a 90 degree turn during a high-speed pursuit. The suspect is likely to lose control while the officers calmly execute the turn giving them much needed time to apprehend the suspect.


Rarely do pursuits happen within one jurisdiction. With USFT you can manage all responding departments to meet the needs of any situation. Getting the right personnel at the scene quicker.