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    • Real-Time
    • Reliable.
    • Fleet Safety
    • Low-cost.
    • 4G/LTE Cat-M1 compliant.
    This device is perfect for under-dash covert installation in fleet environments, offering easy installation and all the awesome features you’ve come to love in the US Fleet system, including geofence notifications, speed notifications, and more!
    • Rugged, Weather-resistant
    • Reliable.
    • Dust proof (IP66 rating)
    • Shock-resistant casing
    • Longer-lasting battery
    Mother Nature and her elements have nothing on the AT-V4 Pro. This rugged, weather-resistant tracking device accentuates the award-winning lineup of USFleetTracking’s GPS tracking devices offering stronger connectivity. The AT-V4 Pro packs a powerhouse punch of reliability.
    • Portable
    • Discreet.
    • 80lb-pull magnet for adhering to steel
    • Extended battery (operational to 140 hours)
    Its simple, lightweight design makes it an ideal device for applications requiring rapid emergency alert or geo-fence setting based on live location. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through proprietary power management algorithms.
    • Discreet
    • Water-resistant
    • Battery operated
    • Low-cost.
    The simple, lightweight design of the QT-V4 makes it an ideal device for applications requiring rapid covert deployment. The QT-V4 integrates seamlessly into the USFleetTracking system to provide a wide variety of reports, including emergency, geo-fence, low battery, and GPS position.
  • See the tracking devices that can help YOUR company fleet optimize assets and reduce costs.

    Live GPS Tracking for Event Management

    In the world of interactive events, where seamless logistics are paramount to success, USFleetTracking emerges as a game-changer. From the 2012 Summer Olympics to the Super Bowl XLIX, event management crews have trusted USFleetTracking's GPS event management platform as their go-to solution for tracking and logistics, meeting their stringent needs with unparalleled precision.

    GPS Tracking for Events

    USFleetTracking has been proud to provide Live Tracking for these major events:
    Summer Olympic Games
    Winter Olympic Games
    super bowl running back carrying the football for a touchdown
    Every Super Bowl since 2007
    Pro Bowl
    2010 and 2015
    NHL All Star Game
    Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge
    2011 - 2018

    "It's really changed the way in which we are able to give information to our clients and there really would be no way to do it today with this type of accuracy and timeliness without having US Fleet involved"

    Steve Poulsen - Sr. Project Manager - SP+ Gameday

    GPS Trackers for Flawless Event Logistics


    In interactive events, where seamless logistics are paramount to success, GPS fleet tracking emerges as a game-changer. Whether organizing a small gathering or a large-scale festival, USFleetTracking's (USFT) cutting-edge GPS devices provide:

    • Instant visibility
    • Optimized navigation
    • Enhanced security

    Boosting your live event operations to new heights!

    GPS Tracking Event Management Crew - Testimonial

    “How difficult would it be to keep track of everything without live GPS Tracking? It would be Impossible!”

    Steve Poulsen

    Sr. Project Manager
    SP+ Gameday

    All-In-One Centralized Command for Multi-Regional Events

    Large-scale events rarely occur within a single region. USFT's system can manage all participating and responding departments, meeting the needs of any situation. Event organizers, law enforcement, first responders, tourism officials, or logistic coordinators can all access the features of the system they need to manage the event, fostering seamless collaboration and coordination.

    Feature Benefit
    Driver behavior assessment Observe speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration to promote safe driving practices.
    Historical replays Review historical fleet location data to identify areas for improvement.
    Indicators & Warnings Receive warnings for speeding, idling, and unauthorized vehicle use.
    Maintenance scheduling Stay on top of vehicle maintenance and diagnostic code alerts.
    Departure Notifications Immediate notification of departures from the assigned route
    USFleetTracking, by the numbers:
    GPS Packets (2023)
    Alerts Recorded (2023)
    Reports Created (2023)
    Uptime (2023)
    Devices Shipped 210K+

    Software Features Designed for Event Excellence

    USFT's comprehensive software suite is packed with features tailored to lift your event experience:

    1. Android and Apple/iOS mobile apps for on-the-go tracking and management.
    2. 24/7 tracking with computer or mobile app access.
    3. Detect speeding using posted speed limits.
    4. Track all stops, stop times, idling, and idle times.
    5. Security zone capabilities for enhanced security and updates.

    Ensuring Safety and Security with Geofencing


    Keeping your vehicles and equipment secure in remote locations is a top priority for USFT. The system will send you an update when your assets deviate from predetermined navigation or experience unauthorized movement, allowing you to promptly connect with the driver and troubleshoot the situation. Additionally, the panic feature allows your logistic coordinators and volunteers to trigger immediate communication in case of emergencies or breakdowns, ensuring their safety and facilitating a swift response.

    Elevate Your Event with Real-Time Tracking and Alerts

    Predictability amidst unpredictable situations is crucial.
    With USFT's reporting and messaging functions, you can effortlessly manage your staff and volunteers, ensuring they are where they need to be when needed.

    Receive instantly notifies operators when:

    • Vehicles exceed predetermined speed limits
    • Reporting aggressive driving patterns

    Stay informed about your team's whereabouts, ensuring the success of your event.

    Seamless Integration for Efficient Dispatch and Routing

    USFT's ability to directly interface their tracking software with other dispatching programs empowers you to:

    1. Quickly dispatch your team without needing initial location responses
    2. Pull up the tracking map and visually identify the closest staff to the location
    3. Dispatch can reroute vehicles caught in traffic jams
    4. Reroute around road and lane closures,
    5. Ensure eventgoers reach their desired destinations on time

    The Cost-Saving Advantages of GPS Fleet Tracking

    GPS fleet tracking offers significant cost-saving benefits for event operators. Tracking vehicle idling times and aggressive driving patterns can reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs, maximizing your event's efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles with tracking systems, recognizing the reduced risk of theft and improved driver behavior.

    Tailored Tracking Solutions for Your Event Needs

    USFT understands that every event is unique, and its solutions are designed to cater to a wide range of industries and event types. Whether you're organizing a construction site, a courier service, or a marathon sports event, tracking can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

    • Construction and Contracting: Monitor heavy equipment and ensure worker safety on job sites.
    • Courier and Delivery: Direction optimizations and provide accurate arrival estimates for time-sensitive deliveries.
    • Endurance Sports: Track participants, staff, and volunteers during marathons, cycling events, and more.

    Weather Overlay for GPS Fleet Tracking Software

    Access immediate weather data overlaid on your fleet's map

    Enabling you to:

    • Reroute vehicles
    • Plan accordingly for adverse conditions

    Elevate Your Event with USFleetTracking

    Staying ahead of the curve is essential in the business of event management. By partnering with USFleetTracking, you can access a comprehensive suite of tracker solutions that elevate your event analytics, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all involved.

    From instant tracking and efficient dispatch to enhanced security and cost savings, USFT's cutting-edge technology empowers you to take your event to new heights. Embrace the future and unlock the full potential of your operations with USFleetTracking.

    Free Hardware with a 36-Month Subscription

    When you sign up for a 36-month subscription, you can enjoy free tracking hardware, making it easier than ever to implement a comprehensive fleet-tracking solution.

    A Qualified and Experienced Support Team

    Rely on USFleetTracking's knowledgeable and dedicated support team in the U.S. to assist you with any questions or concerns.

    Driving Behavior and Safety Assessments


    Promoting safe driving practices within your fleet is a top priority. USFleetTracking's system evaluates driver behavior, notifying you of instances of:

    1. Aggressive maneuvering
    2. Harsh braking
    3. Rapid acceleration
    4. Excessive Idle Times
    • Optimize driver and equipment usage
    • Address risky habits promptly
    • Cultivate a culture of responsible driving

    Reduce Fuel Costs, by Reporting Accessive Idling

    Excessive idling and inefficient travel planning can quickly drain your gas budget. With USFleetTracking's inactive time measuring and path optimization features, you can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to optimize gas consumption. You can also report on fuel usage, analyze driving patterns, and make data-driven decisions to cut costs without compromising service quality.

    Improve Customer Service with USFleetTracking

    Staying ahead is essential. USFleetTracking's Innovative solutions give you the tools to outperform the competition. With cutting-edge technology, web-based software, and unparalleled customer support, you'll streamline operations, minimize costs, and deliver exceptional service to every customer.


    Advantages of GPS Tracking for Fleet Operations

    Tracking harnesses the power of data analytics, transforming raw telemetry data into actionable insights. Managers gain access to a wealth of performance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making across all aspects of event operations.

    • Increase responsiveness with rapid vehicle tracking
    • Optimized dispatch and navigation for increased efficiency
    • Comprehensive driver awareness monitoring and coaching
    • Decreased gas expense through inactive time monitoring and path optimization
    • Improved customer satisfaction with reliable service
    • Streamlined operations and increased profitability

    Key Takeaways from Tracking Events

    1. GPS fleet tracking revolutionizes event visibility, providing data security and optimized routing.
    2. USFleetTracking's solutions offer seamless integration with dispatch software for efficient team coordination.
    3. Zone breach and panic features enhance security and safety for vehicles, equipment, and personnel.
    4. Cost savings are achieved through reduced fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and insurance discounts.
    5. Tailored solutions cater to various event types, from international events to endurance sports.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does GPS fleet tracking benefit event operations?

    GPS fleet tracking provides visibility into vehicle and personnel locations, enabling efficient routing, enhanced security through geofencing, and cost savings through reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. It streamlines operations, ensuring a seamless event experience for attendees, staff, and sponsors alike.

    Can tracking be integrated with existing dispatch software?

    Yes, USFleetTracking's solutions can be directly integrated with other dispatching software programs, allowing quick and efficient team coordination without the need for initial location responses.

    How does tracking improve event security?

    Tracking systems can warn when vehicles or equipment deviate from predetermined directions or experience unauthorized movement. Additionally, panic features enable logistic managers and volunteers to trigger immediate announcements in case of emergencies or breakdowns, ensuring their safety and facilitating swift responses.

    Can tracking be customized for different event types?

    Absolutely. USFleetTracking offers tailored solutions for various industries and event types, including construction, courier services, marathon sports, and more. Our software suite can be customized to meet each event's specific requirements.

    What mobile capabilities does USFleetTracking offer?

    USFleetTracking provides Android and Apple/iOS apps for your event tracking and management. These apps' user-friendly intuitive interface allows event operators and staff to access instant information and receive messages on their smart devices.