GPS Tracking for Tow Trucks

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Staying up to speed on when each job is completed is paramount in the towing industry. Also, making sure your drivers are where they need to be in a timely fashion makes your company run more efficiently, which translates to getting more jobs. Let USFT empower you with its live GPS tracking technology, and all that comes with it.

In your business, it’s about more than simply towing a car to the dealer, recovering a vehicle, fixing a flat or charging a battery. Hardly an industry exists that relies more upon promptness, accuracy of location and flexibility to change your route. With USFT's live GPS system, raise your company’s game by insuring quicker response times and better route planning. This can mean major fuel savings, no matter your fleet size. More service calls, ramped up efficiency, and easier communication means one thing: Success. Straight to your bottom line!

Supporting the towing industry is important for us at USFT. This is why we chose to sponsor the American Towman Spirit Ride and are the official live GPS tracking company. The Spirit Ride draws attention to the national slow down, move over campaign by relaying a symbolic casket throughout the United States in 2017 and 2018. The “Spirit” Casket pays tribute to those towers who paid the ultimate sacrifice while working America’s roadways.


Your responsibility is to know your drivers are safe and handling their workload as smoothly as possible. Access USFT's alert function and instantly be informed of aggressive driving or speeding and set geofence alerts which notify you if a vehicle enters – or exits – an area that’s off-limits. This increased monitoring empowers your crew; they can show they’re doing the right thing. Everybody benefits as the company performs as a well-oiled machine.

Scheduling Efficiency

There’s nothing more frustrating than two drivers arriving at a destination, each thinking it was their responsibility. Or sending a driver across town to a service call, when you had a technician only a few blocks away. Dispatch and routing solves that with ease as your dispatcher quickly assigns your mobile team’s service calls, sending driver’s to calls closest to them, and even offering the shortest route to each destination.


USFT's live GPS tracking technology is all about protecting your company’s assets, most importantly your human assets. Conditions run the spectrum in the towing industry, so when you’ve got to be on the roads during inclement weather, USFT's web-based system, accessible from any browser anywhere, shines even brighter. Our weather overlay is tied directly to the National Weather Service, and with quick updates you can see patterns as they’re developing, and plan strategies while alerting your mobile team.

Same goes for our traffic feature. Your dispatcher gets a total view of your entire mobile team, or only who they need to see, with roads color-coded to show slight slowdowns, caution, or completely stopped traffic flow. Routes then can be changed on the fly. A quick detour from a troubled traffic zone can mean an hour or more saved. In the towing industry, that means a satisfied customer, and often an additional service call. All for about $1 a day. We call that a “win, win!”