GPS Tracking for Landscaping

Live job tracking to cut down on waste.

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Operate Your Business From a Bird’s-Eye View

Your fleet is scattered over the region tending to clients’ lawn and landscape needs. Now more than ever, keeping watch on your trucks and equipment without additional field supervisors is not only practical, but essential. Know when your crews arrive and depart a job site with the use of USFT's LIVE GPS tracking equipment and unlimited geofencing feature. For less than a dollar a day, you’ll be decreasing business expenses, inherently increasing your bottom line.

“It helped us monitor the productivity of our crews and where they were.”

Angelo Quaglino

Quaglino Landscape Co.

Minimize Unauthorized Use

Unfortunately it’s all too common that a crew does an unauthorized side job for cash up the street from a scheduled appointment. That’s time and money lost from your business. Eliminate this by knowing where your vehicles and equipment are located with a glance. Set as many geo-fence alerts as you wish to know your trucks are where they’re supposed to be at any specific time.

Save on Fuel

With our LIVE GPS tracking system you can get immediate alerts via text and/or email that help you manage your crew that’s behind the wheel. Keep them on schedule. Serve your customers better through communicating realistic arrival times. Most importantly create those efficiencies that will allow you to gain more clients and service them quicker – ultimately growing your business. Do this now for less than a dollar a day per vehicle.