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Car GPS Tracker

USFT's GPS locating software and app is the best choice for anyone looking for a way to track the location and positions of their vehicles. Whether you’re a private citizen looking to keep the location of your car for security or personal reasons, or you’re responsible for a fleet of commercial vehicles, USFT has the car tracking device to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.

Personal Use

If you’ve been looking into GPS trackers for cars for your personal use, we at USFT are confident that our GPS system is everything you’ve been looking for, and more. Our system is easy to use, highly accessible, discreet, and offers features and advantages at a price point that can’t be beat. With a host of features and applications, we consider our product to be the best, and we hope you will too.

Our systems are perfect for the following applications and features:

Safety and security: If you’re worried about your personal vehicle going missing, our tracking systems can provide you with the ability to locate your vehicle at any time.

Peace of mind: If you’re the parent of a teenager, our system allows you to easily pull up and find out not only where your teen is currently, but where they’ve been and how long they were there, as well.

Accessibility: Our system requires no additional software or application installation. Simply log in from any web browser and all the features and functionality are right there at your fingertips.

Ease of installation: Don’t worry about wiring up a device, or wondering if the device is compatible. Simply plug the small, discreet tracker into the car’s OBD slot and you’re ready to go.

Value: USFT offers the most features for the lowest price out of all GPS tracking software providers. We’ve been providing live vehicle tracking systems longer than any other company in business, and we’re depended upon all around the globe.

Commercial Use

If you’re the manager of a fleet of vehicles, no matter what industry you work in, GPS tracking for your vehicles is a necessity. USFT can offer you the systems you need, to provide a wide range of benefits, whatever your needs.

Construction and contracting: There’s no better way to secure your fleet vehicles and equipment than with USFT's systems. And with real-time tracking, you know just how long your equipment and workers are spending on the jobsite.

Courier and delivery: With real-time traffic and weather updates, as well as a complete record of the vehicle route, you can make sure vehicles are taking the most efficient routes, saving you valuable time and money.

Landscaping: If you’ve got clients far and wide all over the city, plan your routes and make sure your vehicles are where they need to be, without having to employ an expensive field supervisor for every job.

Maintenance costs:By keeping an easy log of mileage and hours in operation, monitoring when each vehicle in your fleet needs maintenance or service is a snap, eliminating reams of costly and tedious paperwork.

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