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Construction & Contracting GPS Tracking

Manage your sites with ease.

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Manage Your Construction Sites With Ease

Whether you’re a crew of two or 20, accounting for your trucks and equipment is paramount to growing your business. Using LIVE GPS tracking equipment can be the answer, and at less than a dollar a day. You will decrease business expenses in many areas to increase your bottom line.

Weather is a factor in contruction causing delays, and hazardous working conditions. Use weather overlay features, along with industry-leading, 10-second live tracking to alert your teams when approaching inclement weather may lead to hazardous conditions. In your business, this added awareness translates directly to a “team effort,” and straight to your bottom line.

Fleet Tracking Construction
Save on Constuction Worker Man Hours

Knowing the physical whereabouts of your equipment at any time gives you the power to efficiently manage whom and what needs to be where. Imagine being able to locate an integral piece of equipment needed quickly a few miles away, all from a web page and within seconds. This eliminates calls and messages, immediately making the work day more time and cost-effective.

Save on Fuel

With our LIVE GPS tracking system you can get immediate alerts via text and/or email, helping manage your behind-the-wheel crew. Eliminating the lengthy scenic routes and personal errands are a big accountability factor, but everyone benefits, as you can help them navigate unfamiliar parts of town with one crucial detail. Before now, the cost of organizing a logistical and fuel savings plan was astronomical, and tedious. Now, you can do all that for less than a dollar a day per vehicle.