GPS Tracking Heavy Equipment

GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment Fleets

GPS Constructions Equipment Tracking Technology

    • Real-Time
    • Reliable.
    • Fleet Safety
    • Low-cost.
    • 4G/LTE Cat-M1 compliant.
    This device is perfect for under-dash covert installation in fleet environments, offering easy installation and all the awesome features you’ve come to love in the US Fleet system, including geofence notifications, speed alerts, and more!
    • Rugged, Weather-resistant
    • Reliable.
    • Dust proof (IP66 rating)
    • Shock-resistant casing
    • Longer-lasting battery
    Mother Nature and her elements have nothing on the AT-V4 Pro. This rugged, weather-resistant tracking device accentuates the award-winning lineup of US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking devices offering stronger connectivity. The AT-V4 Pro packs a powerhouse punch of reliability.
    • Portable
    • Discreet.
    • 80lb-pull magnet for adhering to steel
    • Extended battery (operational to 140 hours)
    Its simple, lightweight design makes it an ideal device for applications requiring rapid emergency alert or geo-fence setting based on live location. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through proprietary power management algorithms.
    • Discreet
    • Water-resistant
    • Battery operated
    • Low-cost.
    The simple, lightweight design of the QT-V4 makes it an ideal device for applications requiring rapid covert deployment. The QT-V4 integrates seamlessly into the US Fleet Tracking system to provide a wide variety of reports, including emergency, geo-fence, low battery, and GPS position.
  • See the devices that can help YOUR company optimize fleet management, improve response times, and reduce costs.
    Improve equipment utilization and track unauthorized use

    Our system offers unparalleled ease of use. Simply plug the small, discreet tracking device into your vehicle, and you’re ready to go! Our features can be accessed from any web browser via a simple login page, allowing you to use most any internet capable device to take advantage of our software.

    The devices transmit constantly in real-time, allowing you to get a snapshot of where your vehicle is at the moment or form a turn by turn image of where it has been, what routes it has taken, and how long it spent at each stop.

    Monitor equipment to meet your needs

    The advantages and benefits that a good GPS tracking system implemented on all your fleet vehicles confers are almost uncountable. Expect to see significant savings in just about every area related to your fleet costs, from maintenance and gasoline to labor costs for your operators and your office staff.

    By being able to keep precise and automatic track of each of your vehicles, including how long they spend on the job site, how long they spend in operation, and their location at all times, you eliminate reams of tedious and costly paperwork, labor spent poring over the details, missed maintenance services, and paying workers for time they aren’t spending on the job site.


    Optimize Equipment Utilization on the Job Site with GPS Tracking

    Keeping track of the work performed on the job site is a snap with GPS tracking. You can designate a zone as a GPS bounded area, and keep track of all your vehicles entering, exiting, and how long they spend in the area. This saves you time and money by knowing how long each of your vehicles is spending on the job site and how often they leave, eliminating the associated paperwork and freeing up your managers to focus on the more important details of the work.

    Imagine when authorities close roads because of traffic flow. Not everyone is notified or the closure. No need to wait for your device to recalculate a new route, simply have your dispatching team walk them through a rerouting, avoiding congestion, getting them back on track and transporting your event goers to their desired locations on schedule.

    Why USFT for Tracking Heavy Equipment?

    We, here at USFT, understand more than any other company the unique requirements of owning or managing a fleet. We’re proud to offer our easy to use, powerful, and economical GPS tracking system, which we’ve been using and refining longer than any other company today. No other company gives you a system with anything approaching our functionality, features, or real-time updates at such a low cost.

    We Understand Tracking Vehicles and Equipment

    Heavy machinery is a significant investment for your company. Maintaining mileage and hours of operation data can be a daunting paper-pushing task. Stop the headaches of keeping tabs on your machinery and let USFT's LIVE GPS equipment tracking and maintenance module help you run at peak efficiency—all for less than a dollar a day.

    Maintain Your Heavy Equipment, monitor idle time, engine hours

    Your company runs well when all your equipment is running in top condition. Maintaining each piece of equipment can be an exercise in extreme paperwork and tedious data collection. You’re in the business of supplying your customers with what they want, not maintaining or repairing equipment.

    With a simple setup, you will get alerts about when your equipment needs servicing by text and/or email. There’s no need to sit in front of a computer to get the alerts. Keeping tabs on your hours of use or mileage has never been easier, with USFT's embedded Maintenance Module in its LIVE GPS tracking system.

    Rugged Designs for our Heavy Equipment Tracking Devices

    USFT's GPS tracking equipment has a rugged design, making it ideal for most any application. Dustproof and water-resistant standards mean you’ll be up and running when your clients need you.

    Secure your construction site from stolen equipment

    Worried that heavy equipment theft, with little chance of recovery? USFT has helped numerous clients retrieve their stolen equipment through the use of its LIVE GPS equipment tracking function. More peace of mind when you sleep at night; all for less than a dollar a day.

    Live people, assets and vehicles tracking. Our system handles fleet and asset tracking, no matter the size.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is a GPS tracker?

    A GPS tracker is a rugged device that uses GPS technology to track the location of valuable equipment, vehicles, or assets. It is a key component of telematics and fleet management solutions.

    How can GPS tracking help prevent equipment breakdown?

    GPS tracking solutions allow fleet managers to monitor equipment usage and schedule preventative maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns that can lead to costly downtime.

    What are the benefits of GPS fleet tracking?

    GPS fleet tracking provides real-time visibility into the location and status of vehicles and equipment, enabling better utilization, increased productivity, and improved billing accuracy.

    How can GPS tracking prevent equipment theft?

    Many GPS trackers support geofences, which are virtual boundaries that trigger alerts when equipment enters or leaves a designated area. This helps deter theft and enables rapid recovery of stolen assets.

    What types of equipment can benefit from GPS tracking?

    GPS tracking is valuable for high-value assets like heavy machinery, construction equipment, trailers, generators, and other portable or mobile equipment that may be at risk of theft or under utilization.

    What factors should be considered when choosing a GPS tracker?

    Key factors include the tracker's rugged design, battery life or power source, cellular connectivity, and compatibility with your existing fleet management software or telematics platform.

    How does GPS tracking improve billing accuracy?

    By tracking equipment location and usage data, GPS tracking solutions enable more accurate billing for equipment rentals, job site deployments, and other scenarios where equipment utilization needs to be documented.

    Can GPS tracking integrate with other IoT devices?

    Yes, many modern GPS tracking solutions can integrate with other IoT devices and sensors, providing additional data points like engine diagnostics, fuel levels, and maintenance alerts.

    What is the role of GPS tracking in fleet management?

    GPS tracking is a core component of fleet management, providing the location and asset utilization data that fleet managers need to optimize operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

    How can GPS tracking increase productivity?

    By providing visibility into equipment location and usage, GPS tracking helps prevent under utilization of assets and enables more efficient deployment and scheduling of high-value equipment across job sites.