GPS Tracking for Pest Control

Dependability, Value, Accessibility

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Your workforce is on the road servicing clients throughout the day, and you need to keep tabs on their activity. With USFT's live GPS tracking you get a competitive advantage to keep your overhead costs low and increase your profit margins. Gain the knowledge and ability to make decision based on real-world information about your fleet and the products they carry. Empower yourself with in depth dispatch and route management tools from USFT.

Reduce Costs

Implementing USFT's LIVE GPS tracking system gives you management tools that will dramatically reduce your costs in fuel, manpower and equipment maintenance. With a glance of the web-based mapping software, you’ll know your fleet is positioned to make decisions that could save thousands of dollars. As well, your fleet remains managed when you’re offline with text alerts for such essentials as route deviation, speeding and aggressive driving. Or, have these reports automatically emailed to yourself when you want them.

Integration With Industry-Leading Software

USFT directly integrates with industry-leading, pest control software packages. Spot the closest technicians and instantly dispatch them without having to reach them by cell phone or radio. You get the most from the world you and your staff already know.