• Real-Time
    • Reliable.
    • Fleet Safety
    • Low-cost.
    • 4G/LTE Cat-M1 compliant.
    This device is perfect for under-dash covert installation in fleet environments, offering easy installation and all the awesome features you’ve come to love in the US Fleet system, including geofence notifications, speed alerts, and more!
    • Rugged, Weather-resistant
    • Reliable.
    • Dust proof (IP66 rating)
    • Shock-resistant casing
    • Longer-lasting battery
    Mother Nature and her elements have nothing on the AT-V4 Pro. This rugged, weather-resistant tracking device accentuates the award-winning lineup of US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking devices offering stronger connectivity. The AT-V4 Pro packs a powerhouse punch of reliability.
    • Portable
    • Discreet.
    • 80lb-pull magnet for adhering to steel
    • Extended battery (operational to 140 hours)
    Its simple, lightweight design makes it an ideal device for applications requiring rapid emergency alert or geo-fence setting based on live location. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through proprietary power management algorithms.
    • Discreet
    • Water-resistant
    • Battery operated
    • Low-cost.
    The simple, lightweight design of the QT-V4 makes it an ideal device for applications requiring rapid covert deployment. The QT-V4 integrates seamlessly into the US Fleet Tracking system to provide a wide variety of reports, including emergency, geo-fence, low battery, and GPS position.
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    Oil, Gas, and Mining Operations with GPS Fleet Tracking

    Fleet Tracking for Oil, Gas & Mining

    In the gas, oil, and mining industries, efficient fleet management is critical. These industries often operate in remote locations with harsh environments, making real-time visibility and control over vehicles and assets crucial. GPS tracking revolutionizes the way companies monitor and optimize their operations.

    GPS tracking allows Mining, oil, and gas companies to optimize operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs. With GPS tracking technology, fleet managers gain visibility into their vehicles and equipment's location, enabling them to make informed decisions and respond promptly to any challenges.


    Rugged and Weatherproof Hardware

    The harsh environments in gas, oil, and mining demand durable and weatherproof hardware.

    USFleetTracking's GPS trackers are designed to withstand:
    • Extreme Weather
    • Extreme temperatures
    • Vibrations
    • Exposure to dust and moisture

    Ensuring reliable performance in even the toughest conditions.

    Comprehensive Fleet Management Software

    Complementing their robust hardware, USFleetTracking provides powerful web-based software and mobile apps for seamless tracking and management. This user-friendly platform offers many features, including instant tracking, customizable alerts, detailed reporting, and integration with third-party applications for streamlined operations.

    Key Software Features Benefits
    Driver behavior monitoring Promote defensive driving practices and reduce accidents
    Route replays and trip summaries Analyze fleet performance and identify areas for improvement
    Real-time alerts Respond quickly to speeding, idling, or unauthorized movements
    Maintenance scheduling Extend asset lifespan and minimize downtime
    Weather overlay Plan routes and operations around adverse conditions

    Tracking Software for Optimizing Routes and Dispatch

    With GPS tracking, companies can optimize routes for their fleet vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing idle times. Real-time traffic data and weather overlays help drivers navigate efficiently, avoiding delays and potential hazards. This level of route optimization saves time and money and contributes to a greener footprint by reducing emissions.

    Ensuring Driver Safety

    Driver safety is a top priority in the gas, oil, and mining sectors, where employees work in challenging conditions.

    Solutions like USFleetTracking's offer:
    • Driver behavior monitoring
    • Alerting managers to instances of speeding
    • Harsh braking
    • Rapid acceleration
    • Excessive idle time

    This proactive approach helps reinforce safe driving practices and mitigate potential accidents, safeguarding both personnel and assets.


    Tailored Solutions for Gas, Oil, and Mining Challenges

    USFleetTracking understands the unique challenges gas, oil, and mining operations face. Their range of products, including rugged GPS trackers, OBD-II devices, and tracking dash cams, is designed to withstand these industries.

    Asset Management and Theft Prevention


    GPS solutions enable comprehensive asset management:

    1. Allowing companies to monitor the location and status of valuable equipment, tools, and machinery.
    2. This capability is in remote mining sites or oil fields, where assets are at a higher risk of theft or misplacement.
    3. With real-time alerts and geofencing capabilities, companies can quickly respond to unauthorized asset movements, minimizing losses and downtime.

    Reliable Connectivity in Remote Areas

    Maintaining connectivity in remote locations is a common hurdle in gas, oil, and mining management. USFleetTracking addresses this challenge by offering satellite-based tracking solutions that ensure uninterrupted coverage, even in areas with limited cellular networks. This reliable connectivity ensures fleet managers have insight into their operations, regardless of location.

    Key Takeaways from GPS Tracking Devices and Fleet Management

    1. Tracking upgrades gas, oil, and mining management by providing visibility and control over vehicles and assets.
    2. With tracking solutions, companies can optimize routes, ensuring driver safety, and improve asset management.
    3. USFleetTracking offers tailored solutions for the challenges faced by these industries, including reliable connectivity, rugged hardware, and comprehensive fleet management software.
    4. With features like driver behavior monitoring, alerts, and maintenance scheduling, companies can streamline operations and reduce costs.
    5. USFleetTracking's experienced support team ensures a seamless tracking experience for the gas, oil, and mining industries

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does asset tracking improve gas, oil, and mining safety?

    Tracking solutions like USFleetTracking's offer driver behavior monitoring, alerting managers to instances of speeding, harsh braking, or rapid acceleration. This proactive approach helps reinforce safe driving practices and mitigate potential accidents, safeguarding personnel and assets.

    Can GPS trackers function in areas with limited cellular coverage?

    Yes, USFleetTracking offers satellite-based tracking solutions that ensure uninterrupted coverage, even in remote areas with limited cellular networks. This reliable connectivity ensures fleet managers have insight into their operations, regardless of location.

    How does GPS tracking contribute to cost savings?

    GPS tracking empowers companies to optimize routes, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing idle times. Additionally, comprehensive asset management and theft prevention capabilities help minimize losses and downtime, further contributing to cost savings.

    Are USFleetTracking's trackers durable enough for harsh environments?

    Yes, USFleetTracking's trackers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and exposure to dust and moisture, ensuring reliable performance in even the toughest conditions encountered in gas, oil, and mining sectors.

    What kind of support does USFleetTracking provide?

    USFleetTracking has a qualified and experienced support team located in the U.S., ensuring prompt and knowledgeable assistance throughout the tracking journey. They are dedicated to helping gas and oil companies optimize their operations and maximize the benefits of GPS tracking.