GPS Tracking for Energy Companies

Oil and Natural Gas Industries

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Part of doing business in the energy industry is moving resources and equipment around, and most cases in very remote locations. US Fleet Tracking will help you manage that logistics headache with easy and grace. One of our energy clients is realizing more than $17,000 savings in its fleet weekly. Yes, $17,000! Yes, weekly!

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“…eliminate manual intensity on tracking and paperwork involved…”

Charles Keith

H2O Resources/WaterTRAC

Regulatory Standards

Meet regulatory standards and requirements by submitting generated mileage and usage reports directly from the US Fleet Tracking online system. There’s no need to tally the paperwork for each well site, just run the report.

Security and Safety

Keeping your equipment secure in remote locations is challenging, but simple with US Fleet Tracking. You will get an alert the moment your equipment is in unauthorized movement. So if that water truck moves from a site without your authorization, you’ll get a text message immediately giving you an opportunity to locate it and report it to the proper authorities.

Keep your workers safe with a panic feature. Imagine they are checking on wells and encounter illegal activity. A panic feature can be triggered that will immediately alert dispatcher and supervisor that something is wrong and to take action.

Understand the power of live GPS trackers when managing your energy business. Make decision that impact your business as variables happen.