GPS Tracking for Waste and Recycling Fleets

Dependability, Value, Accessibility

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Handle Service Calls Seamlessly and Maximize Your Reach

The routes your technicians take to their appointed stops can be the difference between profit and loss. With USFT's live GPS technology, give them the best route available, and while your mobile team thrives, monitor non-moving assets to ward off theft and unproductive usage with added features, all for less than $1 a day.

In the business of waste and recycling, to be truly efficient at the highest level, giving your mobile team the tools to handle their service calls seamlessly is a must. The next step in maximizing your company’s reach, and in the process your profit margin, is monitoring your stand-alone equipment, securing it doesn’t go anywhere or get tampered with and also that it runs with pinpoint efficiency. This affects your bottom line directly, and drastically. With USFT's LIVE GPS tracking system, set up unlimited geofences along with 90-day historical playback to give you 24 hour-a-day peace of mind from theft and All for less than $1 a day.

Rugged Versatility

You have to get the job done, no matter what you confront in the way of weather or environmental conditions. USFT's live 10-second tracking offers the fastest monitoring in the business, and with it a sturdy water and weather-resistant exterior, as well as dust-proof casing. The waste and recycling industry demands being able to handle any surroundings, and our devices not only offer features like alerts and reports to tailor your monitoring to your needs, but are built to survive the elements. They’re working, even when you’re not.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Not all your assets are in constant motion. When the call comes to track equipment in your industry that is non-moving or stand-alone, USFT has the answer, and not simply to keep these pivotal assets safe. Benefit from our PTO tracking, which calculates hours-of-use and generates any reports you need in moments. This helps assure you valuable machinery is working at an acceptable efficiency level. Complimenting this technology is our vehicle maintenance module, allowing you to preset vehicle and equipment maintenance reminders that trigger warnings, automatically store and recalculate settings for these alerts, and do all this for as many vehicles and pieces of machinery as you want. It’s total protection from USFT, saving employee time, and ridding you of concerns that conditions of your assets are being ignored.

Fuel Savings

Why not allocate your cash outlay toward income generation, not pure expense? No matter your fleet size, if one or two more technicians handling service calls and generating new accounts sounds better than spending that money on non-producing costs-translated: fuel expense-immediately impact your mobile team’s success with USFT's LIVE 10-second tracking.

From displaying shortest routes for your mobile team’s schedules to using PTO tracking to monitor usage of machinery to adding features like excessive idling and aggressive driving, USFT's award-winning technology is easy to use and quick to implement. Our sales staff stands ready to have you up and running tomorrow, with suggestions that will immediately find you growing upon your success in the waste and recycling industry.