GPS Tracking for HVAC

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Easy Dispatching

Easily dispatch your fleet with routes and activity playback features. No need to worry about scheduling conflicts with multiple employees. We know how troublesome it is when multiple vehicles and employees show up to the same service call. We also understand the frustration of dispatching an employee across town, only to find there was already one a few blocks away. With our devices, dispatching is made easy. Our system increases your customers’ satisfaction through prompt service calls and dispatch.


We know how important integration can be for your company. USFT works with experienced third-party software companies to detail your technician’s entire schedule ahead of time, or on the go. Your business changes, we understand, and with integration and our 10-second live GPS tracking at your fingertips you’re bound to succeed even more.

Decrease Costs

With USFT's LIVE GPS tracking system, you will have information that helps lower your fuel costs, manpower and equipment maintenance. Save your company thousands of dollars by knowing the exact turn-by-turn of your mobile employees.