January 25, 2016 5:15 pm

How Traveling Into 2016 With GPS Tracker Devices Leads To A Safer And More Efficient Future

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 25, 2016) — Ready or not, here comes the new year! For fleet business owners, this is the perfect time to contemplate over the team’s efforts in the past year and start making new business goals. Of course, everyone wants to strive for success in 2016. To help fleets really improve business owners should consider the implementation of GPS tracker devices. The technology of GPS tracker systems will help propel a fleet business into a safer and more efficient future.

Safety: When drivers speed or display aggressive driving habits it puts everyone on the road in danger. If this kind of driving is allowed to continue, it can lead to expensive accident claims and a tarnished business reputation. GPS tracker technology can change that by providing management with the ability to monitor their drivers. Statistics such as speeding, harsh braking, frequent lane changes and rapid acceleration can all be viewed in generated reports.

Efficiency: Planning the fastest routes for fleet drivers can be very time consuming and nerve racking. When there are several drivers going to various locations it doubles or triples a manager’s work. The GPS tracker Advanced Routing option makes it possible to take all locations in a driver’s itinerary and automatically put them in order for the shortest route. The live map also makes dispatching easier. Dispatchers can see live traffic conditions and possible road delays. This is helpful, because with a few clicks dispatchers are able to quickly re-route drivers.

Safety is obviously important for a fleet business, because it keeps the accident rate down. It also helps maintain a decent business reputation. Moreover, having lower insurance rates isn’t a bad benefit in itself. Coupled with safety is the importance of having an efficient team. Being able to plan routes quickly allows drivers to get to jobs quicker and get more done in one day. Traveling into 2016 with GPS tracker devices enables fleets to see a safer and more efficient future ahead.

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