October 12, 2015 7:15 pm

Missed Opportunitis for Fleet Companies Without GPS Trackers

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 12, 2015) — The rise and fall, the earnings and expenses; all of these are just a natural part of doing business. Of course, spending more than needed begins to take a toll on any fleet business and their bottom line. Imagine a money pit that all those dollars get thrown into and that is a perfect metaphor for what is happening to many fleets. Truthfully, if business owners are not using GPS trackers for their fleets then there are numerous areas in which they are most likely wasting money. Some of the most costly endeavors stem from unnecessary fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees. how fleets are wasting money without GPS trackers.

1) Fuel usage: Without GPS trackers managers will never really know how fast drivers are driving, if aggressive driving is taking place or if harsh braking is a habit. These are all actions that burn fuel faster.

2) Idling: Leaving fleet trucks running idle for long periods of time forces the engine to operate inefficiently while increasing the need for maintenance. Without GPS trackers managers wouldn’t have automatic data to tell them which drivers are idling excessively, causing the engines to eventually degrade and reduce mileage.

3) Vehicle repairs: Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is important. Without GPS trackers to help managers automatically schedule maintenance reminders, they are left to keep track of repairs manually via time consuming methods.

4) Inefficient employees: It may be difficult to pinpoint exactly where fleet drivers are at throughout the entire day. What if drivers aren’t on a job-site when they should be? Without the GPS trackers, managers simply won’t have the benefit of a digital, live map to actually see the location of all drivers.

GPS trackers are wonderful technology which can do many things to make fleet businesses easier to run. With 3G capability managers and employees will have a strong connection to all the data that is needed. It’s clear to see how fuel usage, idling, vehicle repairs and inefficient employees can bring a business down by costing far too much money. GPS trackers can be the answer to ending the money pit and stop fleet businesses from wasting money.

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