SP+ Gameday

USFT has been an intrical part of the Super Bowl since 2007. SP+ Gameday handles parking for the big event as well as transportation and logistics for the teams, personnel, media, and VIPS.

Steve Poulsen, Sr. Project Manager for SP+ Gameday talks about how without USFT it would be impossible to do what they do. Live GPS tracking is vital for managing an event on the scale of the Super Bowl.

Steve and his team make use of everything USFT system has to offer. Being able to know where a high profile clients vehicle is, down to the second is essential.

“We met with US Fleet and we were able to see the technologies they could offer us, we realized that this was a tool we need to not only incorporate into our planning process but also in the execution of that plan on the day of the big game.” Steve Poulsen.

Oklahoma Copier Solutions

John Miller, president of Oklahoma Copier Solutions talks about how USFT system has taken employee accountability to a whole different level. Increasing efficiency of service calls and productivity.

Oklahoma Copier Solutions has been in business for 17 plus years. Servicing all of Oklahoma. Providing sales and support for multi-function printers and copiers.

USFT system has been very beneficial for keeping track of their fleet of 35 vehicles. The ability to run reports and keep track of time has lead to increase business and the ability to keep their drivers safe.

Larry Pain, a service tech at Oklahoma Copier Solutions explains how the USFT system along with a tentative dispatcher saved him from a large tornado. Using the built in live weather radar the dispatcher was able to contact Larry and redirect him around the storm. Possibly saving his life.

John Miller, President of Oklahoma Copier solutions says, “It really pays for itself and is a very, very, very powerful tool.”

LaBresse Limousines

Experience the height of efficiency, luxury and elegance while arriving at your destination on time, safely and free of stress.

We take our service very seriously. When your reservation comes up, be assured that you are our only consideration. Whether you are going to the airport or for an evening on the town, you will have our full attention and your service request will be attended to completely and thoroughly.

Our experienced, professionally attired and courteous chauffeurs greet you in an immaculate vehicle. Each chauffeur has passed rigorous training to assure your safety, comfort and prompt arrival to your destination. All personnel are licensed by the City of Houston and have extensive experience in the transportation industry.

LaBresse Limousines is a member of both the National Limousine Association and the Limousine Association of Houston. Our City of Houston Limousine License is #44, and we are proud to have served Houston since 1987.

LaBresse Limousines works hard to uphold our primary company policy: proper Timing for your comfort and convenience . . . impeccable Service to make your experience a pleasant one . . . a positive Attitude to give you confidence in our ability to serve you.

Quaglino Landscape Company

Your fleet is scattered over the region tending to clients’ lawn and landscape needs. Now more than ever, keeping watch on your trucks and equipment without additional field supervisors is not only practical, but essential. Know when your crews arrive and depart a job site with the use of USFT's LIVE GPS tracking equipment and unlimited geofencing feature. For less than a dollar a day, you’ll be decreasing business expenses, inherently increasing your bottom line.

Angelo Quaglino from The Quaglino Landscape Company explains why USFT is essential to making his business efficient through live GPS tracking.

More information about GPS tracking in the landscaping industry, visit the GPS Tracking for Landscaping page.

Standley Systems

For every company there’s at least one machine helping it conduct business such as a copier, printer, scanner or fax machine. Standley Systems helps its clients use these machines to peak efficiency and potential, and it’s been doing so since 1934. Standley Systems technicians and sales personnel span a statewide region on a daily basis to make sure its clients’ needs are met in timely manner. The task of dispatching this army became a concern as Standley Systems grew over the years.

The Director of Operations for Standley Systems, Greg Elliot, began researching companies that provide ways to manage a mobile workforce and found USFT met his company’s needs and provided opportunity for continued integration and growth. “It’s obvious that USFT is the dominant player in the industry,” said Elliot.

According to Elliot, his company was able to increase its workload without hiring additional labor like they would have done in the past. He equates the tracking, reporting and historical playback features of USFT's system to one and a half more people working for the company. “The first month we placed the trackers in our fleet vehicles our first-call arrival times were 30 minutes earlier each day,” said Elliot. “This increased our technicians’ productivity, decreased response time and increased the number of service calls we could handle in a day with our current resources.” When we asked what the number one feature of USFT's system that impacts Standley Systems the most, Elliot’s response was the Dispatch and Directions feature.

“This tool is one of the most powerful pieces of technology we have. Our dispatch department would be lost without it,” said Elliot.

Knowing the Dispatch and Directions feature meant a great deal to Standley Systems, USFT partnered with multiple software providers to fully integrate its features within the office equipment industry. These partnerships made dispatching a service call even easier than before. “USFT’s system was a tremendous help even before the e-automate connectivity came out,” said Elliot. “But, when it came out, we were really able to manage the call load and move technicians to the areas with larger call volumes and decrease our travel time.” Standley Systems maximizes the potential of its 30-vehicle fleet with USFT's help.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff John Whetsel of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department talks about how as officers of the law they hold citizens accountable on the way they drive. But it is also important to hold those enforcing the law accountable for their driving too. With USFT, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department is able to keep its officers accountable for the way they drive. Setting up speed alerts for the officers is just one of the many ways USFT system helps.

Responsible driving leads to fuel saving that save the Sheriff’s office money. Knowing where the closes officer is also saves saves money, but more importantly saves precious response time. Faster response times saves lives.

Sheriff John Whetsel says “this is truly a law enforcement management tool. It is how you manage your people, it is how you manage your fleet, and it is how you protect the deputies you put on the street.”

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