The GPS Tracking Service for Managing Your Assets

US Fleet Tracking builds the most powerful tools for managing your vehicles, trailers or whatever your assets might be. Whether you are scaling up your current fleet, starting a new business or putting together an event, US Fleet Tracking’s meticulously designed system with unmatched functionality helps you create the best possible solution for your goals. Hundreds of thousands of businesses having increased their efficiency by tracking with US Fleet Tracking.
GPS tracking Battery Icon Service for battery-powered trackers is $10 more a month, per tracker
Agreement options are available for qualifying accounts. Contact our sales team to inquire about our contract offers as well as volume pricing. 405-726-9900

System Features

You’re mobile.
Your fleet management should be too.

Track and manage your assets on the go. Live information on the status of your business wherever you are, including live traffic and weather.
GPS tracking mobile screen shot
GPS tracking speed alert
Speed Alerts
Be notified the moment a vehicle exceeds a set speed limit.
GPS tracking geofence
Geofence Alerts
Use a geofence to know when an asset enters, exits or comes within proximity of an area.
GPS tracking maintenance
Maintenance Alerts
Never forget an oil change or tire rotation again. Set based on miles or hours.
GPS tracking idle alerts
Idle Alerts
Cut down on wasted fuel by being notified when a vehicle idles for too long.
GPS tracking ignition alerts
Ignition Alerts
Know the moment your assets are turned on and off.
SUBJ:Speed Alert:
MSG:Vehicle Jim Simon has
exceeded 76 MPH at (Con't) 2 of 2 06:20:32 PM on
11/6/2016 (Central Time)
Vehicle travelling at 77
SUBJ:Geofence Alert Shop
MSG:Truck 19 Steven exited shop
(Con't) 2 of 2
9/21/2016 6:07:35 PM (35.276367,-97.504242)
SUBJ:Maintenance Alert
MSG:Oil change is due for Device (41632816)
(Con't) 2 of 2
7/5/2016 2:33:09 PM (35.963829,-92.904623)
SUBJ:Alert Idle Idle Alert
MSG:Alert! CAB 21 (56135478)
is idling at (Con't) 2 of 2 (35.6685104370117,
-97.435920715332),1/5/2017 4:16:56 PM
SUBJ:Ignition Alert After
Hours Driving
MSG:Jason Mathis
(Con't) 2 of 2 ignition turned on at (36.0757865905762,
-95.9574279785156),1/7/2017 8:26:42 PM
GPS tracking mobile alerts
Keep your fleet on time with live integrated traffic. Avoiding costly slow downs due to backups and stand stills. Time is money, need we say more?
Smarter Decisions, Powered By Data
Put the power of data to work for your business. Our reports will save you time and money. Breaking down the important details quickly, while allowing you to schedule and customize reports to meet your fleet's needs.
GPS tracking reports
GPS tracking reports bullet
Aggressive Driving
See quick stops and accelerations based on speed.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Start Stop
Detailed information about every stop and start your assets make.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Excessive Idling
Every time a vehicle is on and not moving.
GPS tracking reports bullet
See every incident of a vehicle going over a set speed.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Device Mileage
Breakdown total mileage for an asset for a set time period.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Device Mileage by State
Quickly break down mileage from state to state. Great for accounting.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Device Input Activity
Every time a trackers input trigger was activated.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Geofence Activity
Whenever a tracker enters, exits or is within proximity of a set fence.
Just a few of the reports available in our system...
Playback the activity for any tracker up to 90 days back. Helpful in legal disputes, job completion verification and much more. See real time speed, location, stops and integrated street view.
GPS tracking playback feature
Protect Your Employees and Your Assets
Stay ahead of any weather condition with live weather radar. Giving ample time to secure or reroute your assets.
GPS tracking live weather
Virtual fences that alert you when assets enter, exit or are in proximity. We love unlimited, so create as many geofences as needed. Customizable to any size, shape or time of day. Pair with reports for insightful display of your fleet.
Device Input Sensors
GPS Tracking device inputs
The Power of Input
Connect a tracker to important asset events and be notified by a system alert. Police departments use this feature when an officer has their lights and siren on. Towing companies, connect your boom arm to record every time a car is picked up. To see how this feature can be used for your fleet, give us a call.
Available On These Devices
More Features
GPS tracking reports bullet
Easy ELD integration with Gorilla Safety’s devices and software.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Managing fuel purchases just got easier with integrated ExxonMobil Fleet Affinity / US Fleet Tracking fuel card.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Service Call Integration
Integration with many service call softwares. Contact sales to see if we can integrate with yours.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Google Map Search
Quickly Search for anything. Addresses, food, repair shops, and more.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Live Technical Support
Chat live with one of our highly trained support staff.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Remote Start, Locks, & Kill Switch
Never call a locksmith again, remotely unlock a vehicle's doors at anytime. If a vehicle is stolen disable the ignition remotely.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Contacts & Addresses
Add all your customer addresses and contact information for easy access and dispatching.
GPS tracking reports bullet
Setup routes for your assets. Alerts can be sent when the asset leaves the predefined route.