System Features
  • Manage Jobs More Efficiently

    Manage Jobs More Efficiently

    ServApp makes managing jobs simple with a user friendly dashboard that contains information about the job, call logs, customer information, dispatching, work orders, invoices, etc. Everything in one place, at your fingertips.

  • Log Calls and Make Notes

    Log Calls and Make Notes

    Create customer profiles to store customer information seamlessly while making notes of any instructions they may have. Easily record and organize customer calls, capturing crucial details that will be beneficial for your business

  • Keep Clients in the Loop

    Keep Clients in the Loop

    ServApp is committed to keeping clients informed. With live GPS tracking, customers will know where their techs are, and when to expect them. ServApp will notify both your dispatch and your customer about late arrival times and provide a two-way communication stream with the service tech coming to your location.

  • Coordinate with Techs Easily

    Coordinate with Techs Easily

    ServApp facilitates effective coordination with technicians. The system provides an easy-to-read resource manager that makes scheduling and managing your techs’ availability and job status trouble-free.

  • Schedule and Run Reports

    Schedule and Run Reports

    Create automatic, customizable reports that apply to your specific needs. Whether it’s access jobs, invoice amounts, hours on site, technician productivity, or idle times; ServApp will generate what you need to see to keep your business moving.

  • Get Accurate Geofencing

    Get Accurate Geofencing

    ServApp is backed by US Fleet Tracking, the industry leader since 2005. Offering live GPS tracking, GPS tracking, and mapping of jobs and equipment, ServApp will provide the most accurate geofencing capabilities and technologies you can get.