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Heavy Equipment Tracking

Keep track of your equipment
Live GPS tracking of vehicle, people and assets. Our system handles heavy machinery, no matter the size.
We Understand Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery is a significant investment for your company. Maintaining mileage and hours of operation data can be a daunting paper-pushing task. Stop the headaches of keeping tabs on your machinery and let US Fleet Tracking's LIVE GPS tracking and maintenance module help you run at peak efficiency. All for less than a dollar a day.

Maintain Your Equipment

Your company runs well when all your equipment is running in top condition. And, maintaining each piece of equipment can be an exercise in extreme paperwork and tedious data collection. You're in the business of supplying your customers with what they want, not maintaining or repairing equipment. With some simple setup you will get alerts as to when your equipment needs servicing by text and/or email. There's no need to sit in front of a computer to get the alerts. Keeping tabs on your hours of use or mileage has never been easier with US Fleet Tracking's embedded Maintenance Module in its LIVE GPS tracking system.

GPS tracking in Heavy Machinery industry
Rugged Design

US Fleet Tracking's GPS tracking devices are built with rugged design, making them ideal for most any application. Dust proof and water resistant standards means you'll be up and running when your clients need you.


Worried that your heavy equipment will be stolen, with little chance of recovery? US Fleet Tracking has helped numerous clients retrieve their stolen equipment through the use of its LIVE GPS tracking function. More peace of mind when you sleep at night; all for less than a dollar a day.