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The GPS Tracking Service for Managing Your Assets

USFT builds the most powerful tools for managing your vehicles, trailers or whatever your assets might be. Whether you are scaling up your current fleet, starting a new business or putting together an event, USFT's meticulously designed system with unmatched functionality helps you create the best possible solution for your goals. Hundreds of thousands of businesses having increased their efficiency by tracking with USFT.

chargerService for battery-powered trackers is $10 more a month, per tracker.

Agreement options are available for qualifying accounts. Contact our sales team at 405-726-9900 to inquire about our contract offers as well as volume pricing.

Activate Your Tracking Device

Our online service activation feature lets you track your assets quicker than ever. No need for service calls – just find your device and click to activate!

Getting Started

Get started now! Give us a call and we can get you set up in no time.

Alert Notifications

  • speed-alert
    Speed Alerts

    Keep your fleet on time with live integrated traffic. Avoiding costly slow downs due to backups and stand stills. Time is money, need we say more?

  • geofence-alert
    Geofence Alerts

    Use a geofence to know when an asset enters, exits or comes within proximity of an area.

  • maintenance-alert
    Maintenance Alerts

    Never forget an oil change or tire rotation again. Set based on miles or hours.

  • idle-alert
    Idle Alerts

    Cut down on wasted fuel by being notified when a vehicle idles for too long.

  • ignition-alert
    Ignition Alerts

    Know the moment your assets are turned on and off.