Why US Fleet Tracking & Gorilla Safety?

We at US Fleet Tracking believe if you do something really well that you should focus on that. This is the very reason we partnered with Gorilla Safety when it came to providing our customers with the best ELD devices and software. They do ELD really well. Combined with US Fleet Tracking’s industry-leading live GPS tracking, we provide you with all the tools needed to remain compliant on the road.

What is ELD?

The electronic logging device (ELD) synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time, for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration carriers and drivers who are using paper logs or logging software must transition to ELDs no later than December 18, 2017.

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How Do You Benefit?

US Fleet Tracking and Gorilla Safety provide live GPS tracking, certified compliant ELD, accident investigations, claims management, integration of eDVIRs with the mechanic repair process, document management, DOT Audit preparation, and many other tools craved by the modern trucking company.

Improve your fleet's safety and performance, allowing you to negotiate better contracts with your clients and insurance carriers. Operate knowing you are managing the best-run fleet on the road.

Live Integrated GPS Tracking

US Fleet Tracking provides live integrated GPS tracking for Gorilla Safety's ELD and Fleet management software. Together US Fleet Tracking and Gorilla Safety are paving the road for next generation fleet management tools.

Electronic Logging Device

Gorilla Safety is the only company to offer a fully automated ELD document feature.

Your drivers likely don’t want the hassle of organizing all the paperwork from the day. That’s where US Fleet Tracking and Gorilla Safety comes in; the record keeping process is organized and simple.

How Does Gorilla Safety's Document Storage Feature Work

Drivers simply snap a picture of the document, upload it and it’s immediately viewable by the office or DOT officer. What could possibly be easier than that?

The real-time transfer of these documents to the office or terminal allows you to see the delivery tickets, fuel receipts, bills of lading and so much more, instantly.

You manage your fleet and US Fleet Tracking and Gorilla Safety will manage the information and data. Profitability has never been so simple.

Self - Auditing

Self - Auditing is now possible with the most advanced technology on the market at your fingertips. Gorilla Safety’s Prime8 product offers the fleet manager unprecedented insight into the operation of his fleet by showing how much time a driver has left in his day or duty cycle. This transparency will help your fleet remain compliant!

Installation is a SNAP!!

With a 1-minute installation process, this Plug-N-Play system is a mechanic's dream.

The ELD product is an app that runs off of the driver or mechanic’s Apple or Android mobile device, which connects wirelessly to the truck’s ECM through Prime8, Gorilla Safety's innovative ELD adapter.

Live the dream of compliant fleet management, today. Call US Fleet Tracking at 405-726-9900