Weather Closely Monitored at Republican National Convention

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 24, 2012) – Days before 50,000-plus people converge in Tampa, Fla. for the Republican National Convention, the talk is centering more around the weather and Tropical Storm Isaac than the political landscape.

US Fleet Tracking, based in Oklahoma City, provides live GPS tracking for multiple purposes related to the Republican National Convention, and one feature is becoming more crucial by the hour as more than 4,400 delegates and alternate delegates prepare to gather in the Florida coastal city. As part of the live GPS tracking platform, US Fleet Tracking makes available a weather overlay feature, which illustrates current weather conditions through radar and cloud coverage weather pattern movements.

“This brings updated weather radar views to the same screen that shows ground transportation, vehicle location and personnel transport information,” said Robert Gonse, VP/software development for US Fleet Tracking.

US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking systems support SP Plus Gameday’s monitoring of ground transport, security and vehicle location throughout the four-day Republican National Convention. With impending weather, logistics personnel have the capability, through US Fleet Tracking’s devices, to track all developments surrounding the tropical storm and weather situation.

“Should Gameday’s buses head toward an area showing strong activity, our technology will allow them to know instantaneously,” added Gonse. “This gives dispatchers the ability to alert their team in the field. Drivers then divert to a different route, or make other arrangements within moments.”

As Isaac churns in the Central Atlantic, forecasters expect the tropical storm to continue west and be met by the mountains of the Dominican Republic and possibly Cuba, perhaps significantly weakening the storm before it returns to open water and heads toward Florida. There is likelihood, however, that Isaac could reach hurricane strength. According to media releases, Convention organizers have said the Secret Service and Emergency Management planners will evaluate and respond accordingly to any threats of inclement weather.

Moving more than 50,000 people from the Convention to safe locations is made easier with Gameday’s logistics expertise and US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking platform, which offers live weather radar overlay.

US Fleet Tracking, located in Oklahoma City, is the leader in real-time asset and vehicle tracking, providing industry-leading sub-ten-second service. In addition to its experience tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking to countless large-scale public venues including Super Bowls XLI through XLVI, the 2010 Pro Bowl, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more information on US Fleet Tracking, visit and access a live demonstration with actual moving vehicles.

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