US Fleet Tracking’s Live GPS System Leads to Quick Asset Recovery

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 13, 2013) – Oklahoma City-based Cherokee Plumbing’s owner Colin Frayser regularly saves time and money by employing US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking system, with web-based 10-second tracking. Last month, an added dimension of performance came into play for Frayser and his company, as stolen equipment valued at approximately $70,000 was recovered promptly. Frayser knows he likes what the system has to offer, but hasn’t needed it to help protect his assets. All that changed April 6.

Around 5 p.m. that Saturday, Cherokee Plumbing office manager Mary Moon called Jack Duncan, who handles Cherokee Plumbing’s account for US Fleet Tracking. Both a skid steer and trailer used to haul it were missing. As tracking an active US Fleet Tracking device can take place from any web-based browser with authorization, Duncan sprung into action. As well, US Fleet Tracking lead installation technician Jeremy Tomes, whom Frayser called when aware of the theft, was en route to US Fleet Tracking offices to track progress.

Frayser considers the service and actions taken by US Fleet Tracking staff as above and beyond his expectations.

“I was so impressed at their willingness to not only field a call on Saturday and Sunday, but spring into action, interrupting their weekend,” said Frayser.

Frayser detected the skid steer’s location moments after pulling up the company’s account online, and from there, a phone call to police set the skid steer recovery in motion.

Powered by US Fleet Tracking’s 10-second live GPS tracking, the system’s accuracy amazed Frayser.

“We chose them because of their reputation,” said Frayser. “How precise the system was, though, really amazed me!”

With the skid steer back in the possession of Cherokee Plumbing, Frayser plans to immediately ramp up company usage of US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking system.

“I’m telling a lot of people about US Fleet Tracking, everything from the incredible level of service they give to how much peace of mind having their system gives us,” said Frayser. “We rely upon it for so many things now.“

Having initially employed US Fleet Tracking’s GPS devices for fuel savings and travel time efficiencies, Frayser now identifies security of his fleet as equally pivotal to his company’s continued success.

“I’m completely sold on their product, and their company”, concludes Frayser.

US Fleet Tracking is the leader in live GPS vehicle and asset tracking, providing groundbreaking sub-ten-second live tracking. In addition to expertise in tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking services to high-profile, large-scale public events. These include the 2010 Winter Olympics in Calgary, 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, 2012 Republican National Convention, and Super Bowls XLI through XLVII. For more in-depth details, and to access a live demonstration of US Fleet Tracking’s system while in motion, visit