October 4, 2016 3:00 pm

Three Business Implementations To Realize ROI from GPS Trackers

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 4, 2016) — Many business owners, that are in charge of fleets, spend time wondering whether GPS trackers are the right tools to help their company flourish. At the core of their struggle is often the idea that employees will not favor having the devices, but almost every business that starts using the system sees the benefits within the first few months. Employees eventually learn that these GPS trackers do more than just monitor their driving habits. Today, 3 approaches businesses can take to see a return on investment while using GPS trackers.

1.) Cut Fuel Costs: Fuel costs begin to decrease as a result of vehicle monitoring with GPS trackers, because no one is able to get away with unauthorized use of company vehicles. In addition, the planned routing feature can allow for the shortest route to be pre-planned, therefore; cutting down on mileage driven.

2.) Cut Labor Costs: Management can monitor alerts, live map views, and recorded analytical data to know everything about a driver’s day. The GPS tracker system will also keep track of clock in and clock-out times for employees which will aide in keeping labor costs low due to employees being less likely to take extended breaks.

3.) increase Customer Service: Having data about fleet statistics is a powerful thing. This kind of data can lead to increased customer service as employees will feel empowered to be more productive. Using the historical playback feature, managers can take a look at data recorded over the last 90 days for an in depth review of driver statistics. This can help businesses aim higher, service customers quicker, and open up potential to serve more customers.

Having the capability to track fleets is a fantastic way to propel business forward. By default, not only will costs be decreasing, but as customer service increases the company is sure to see an increase in profits. Every fleet owner wants an investment that keeps giving back and when used in these three ways, outlined above, GPS trackers can be that smart investment.

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USFT, located in Oklahoma City, is the leader in web-based, live GPS vehicle and asset tracking, providing groundbreaking sub-ten-second live tracking through its GPS trackers. In addition to expertise in tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking services to high-profile, large-scale public events. These include the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, 2012 Republican National Convention, Super Bowls XLI through 50, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more in-depth details, and to access a live demonstration of USFT's GPS tracking system in motion, visit https://www.usfleettracking.com.