US Fleet Tracking Reveals the Top 5 Ways GPS Tracking Improves a Fleet Company’s Bottom Line

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 20, 2014) – As a company in the market for GPS tracking software, one of the biggest items on the mind is money. How a business makes and saves money is one of the biggest factors on which it bases most decisions. They want to know that the choices made for the company mean a healthy bottom line, period.

US Fleet Tracking, is committed to the overall satisfaction of it’s clients, and are happy to highlight the five ways that GPS tracking will save a business money. In order to properly highlight money savers, how said companies are currently losing money must also be pointed out.

1. Unnecessary time in the shop: While routine maintenance is a must, the more time a company vehicle spends in the shop for break-downs and avoidable repairs, the more money is lost for several reasons. For one, if company vehicles are in the shop they are racking up hefty repair bills. Secondly, time in the shop means time away from the open road. Fleet based companies make money by sending vehicles to various destinations, and if they are broken down in the shop, the business is missing out on money it could be making on a job. When GPS trackers are installed into said vehicles, businesses have the option of setting maintenance reminders that will notify them when their vehicles are due for routine work. These reminders are a proactive way of keeping company vehicles on the road and out of the shop for an extended amount of time. Less time in the shop means more time on the road, equating to more money for the business.

2. Paying for a job NOT well done: If only every employee would work as hard as the business owners, but they don’t. Good work ethic is hard to come by. While on the clock, not every employee is going to give their money’s worth of work. If a business has no way to track and keep their employees accountable, they are missing out. While every employee may not work as hard as they should, this fact does not have to keep the business from getting their money’s worth. With time cards and features installed in their vehicles for added accountability, employees are not as likely to play around on the job. Businesses will now have a way to track their when, what, and where.

3. Lacking the ability to see the big picture: Running a business requires an overall knowledge of multiple departments and aspects. Because the business owners cannot be in all places at one time, they may be unknowingly letting important items slip through the cracks. They also may be missing out on a cost-saving feature because they aren’t looking at the big picture. GPS tracking will give the knowledge to know their business better. With a multitude of available features, a business owner can gain an overall knowledge and presence in a number of departments with the click of a button. With GPS tracking, they can be in all places at one time, thus allowing them to navigate through cost savings on a grand scale.

4. Money for fuel: A waste of fuel is one of the biggest ways companies lose money. Excessive and unnecessary idling, longer routes to multiple destinations, and personal trips on the company dime are just a few ways they are losing money in the fuel department. Using a GPS Tracker will help to find the quickest route, will track employee idle time, and will once again keep employees from taking leisure trips on the clock.

5. Skyrocketing insurance rates: Insurance rates are high. Period. Many insurance companies will reduce a company’s rates once they implement GPS tracking. Companies have reported saving more and more money due to cut insurance premiums once they installed GPS tracking.