US Fleet Tracking Reveals How GPS Trackers Reduce Dangers Of Aggressive Driving

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 7, 2015) – It seems elementary to say that aggressive driving is dangerous, but the fact remains and is worth mentioning. Many fleet business owners haven’t ever thought about what their drivers are doing on the road unless the business has been slapped with a ticket to pay. What about all those times when the drivers didn’t get caught? That doesn’t make aggressive driving alright. If fleet drivers have a habit of zooming in and out of lanes in a rushed attempt to arrive on time, they are part of a growing problem. For fleet owners the solution is quite simple; GPS trackers. Today, US Fleet Tracking reveals how GPS trackers reduce dangers of aggressive driving.

1.) Aggressive Driving Reports: GPS trackers being installed in every fleet vehicle means that drivers’ behaviors will be recorded. The GPS trackers come with the ability to check an Aggressive Driving report. This report allows managers to check on any aggressive driving their vehicles may be doing by reporting an increase or decrease in speed of 35 miles per hour to 95 miles per hour within a 10 second span. This will allow them to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

2.) Speed Alerts: Aside from the report, GPS trackers also provide speed alerts if managers desire to select specific vehicles for which they want the speed alert to be placed. If there is a standard speed managers don’t want their drivers to exceed then the speed alert can send a notification when that speed is exceeded. In a matter of minutes managers can have the data they need to make an informed decision as to the appropriate action towards drivers who are not compliant with traffic laws and company safety standards.

No fleet business wants anything to do with paying traffic tickets or obtaining a bad reputation for unsafe drivers. With the ever increasing population, the roads are going to be more crowded and although this causes frustrations for fleet drivers, aggressive driving is not worth the risk. All it takes is one person doing something unanticipated to cause an accident. With information in the right hands, provided by GPS trackers, managers would have a great base of knowledge to help them shape better drivers.

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