US Fleet Tracking Reveals GPS Tracker Tips For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 24, 2016) — Nearly all major food products are delivered either frozen or refrigerated to restaurants. Some foods are picked out fresh and delivered daily. This makes restaurant food delivery fleets very important. At the foundation of food delivery vehicles is the capability to provide a timely service. Restaurant delivery fleets have quite a few tasks at hand to ensure that the food and beverage industry has fresh goods on hand. Whether they have just a few fleet vehicles or a large number of delivery trucks, the benefits of GPS tracker devices are hard to ignore when leveraged appropriately. Today, US Fleet Tracking reveals GPS tracker tips for restaurant delivery vehicles.

1.) Use The ETA’s To Alert Customers: Hopefully, most companies aren’t just aiming to deliver fresh foods and beverages to designated restaurants. Those restaurant owners are their customers and good companies would probably like to know that they have offered great customer service from the very beginning to the very end. With GPS tracker units this is a much simpler goal to complete. Every driver can click into the GPS tracker device and quickly provide accurate times of arrival for deliveries. This allows drivers to correspond with customers better and improve customer service.

2.) Use Advanced Routing To Meet More Customers: To get to more customer in less time the Advanced Routing feature can be used to plan out very precise, scheduled paths. Being efficient makes it possible to add more stops to one’s route. Being faster with deliveries is also vital to avoid food expiration. Fleets definitely don’t want to be the reason why a restaurant doesn’t have their daily food supply. Additionally, while drivers are in the field the quickest routes can be generated to move drivers easily around traffic or other hazardous conditions.

3.) Try Historical Playback To Improve As A Team: By utilizing GPS tracker historical playback data a fleet manager can easily review each vehicle’s route in real-time and see where routes can be improved.

4.) Looking At Reports And Alerts For Efficiency: Statistics such as speeding, idling, stops, and starting times can all be reviewed via reports and alerts to maintain a healthy working environment.

It is suggested that restaurant businesses will have over 70% of food delivered from outside the restaurant by 2020. This means there will be more fleet delivery competition and it’ll be vital to be great at the job. Why not make the most of GPS tracker devices, making delivery fleet businesses come out on top of this trend?

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