US Fleet Tracking Reveals 3 Fall Fuel Saving Tips For Fleets Using GPS Trackers

OKLAHOMA CITY ( Nov. 10, 2015) — It should be no shock that fuel expenses are a top priority for most fleets. Thinking about it, what would trucks do without it? Nothing! The trouble is that companies can’t always rely on gas prices dropping in the fall as there is no guarantee on the fluctuation. One thing is for certain and that is that there are ways that GPS trackers can help save fleets money on fuel. Minimizing fuel costs is a great way to put some capital to use elsewhere for a fleet business. US Fleet Tracking reveals 3 fall fuel savings tips for fleets using GPS trackers.
1) Plan Routes: GPS trackers provide dispatchers with the opportunity to give turn-by-turn directions to drivers. This is helpful as taking the shortest, quickest path to jobsites cuts down on mileage driven. In the end, every mile adds up to more fuel savings!

2) Decrease Idling: Warming up trucks or idling takes longer than a few minutes. Over time this takes a toll on the engine causing it to degrade. Studies have shown that driving vehicles heat them up faster. In case there are company drivers unwilling to comply with reducing idling, GPS trackers monitor idle times to help management cut back on unnecessary fuel burning practices.

3) Reduce Speeding: Not only does speeding put drivers at risk for tickets and/or accidents, but it also makes the engine operate inefficiently and in gas-guzzling mode. Using the GPS trackers’ speeding reports, fleet managers can examine which drivers aren’t obeying the speed limits and correct this action accordingly to save on fuel (and other expenses).

By identifying where in a fleet there is room for improvement, business owners can start the process of saving on fuel sooner. GPS trackers do a great job of increasing knowledge of company vehicles’ fuel efficiency. If growing a fleet business and shrinking fuel usage expenses is a top priority for fleets, GPS trackers can assist!

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