US Fleet Tracking Provides Tips On How The Trucking Industry Can Create An Efficient Future With GPS Trackers

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 14, 2016) — A lot of trucking companies have already started wondering what the future of the trucking industry look likes. The truth is that many of the most successful trucking companies have started using GPS trackers and more companies may want to consider them as predictions say the trucking industry will be growing. The trucking industry is quickly becoming the backbone of the United States as nearly 70% of all the freight tonnage moved in the US goes on trucks.

What’s more compelling is that The American Trucking Associations have released reports stating that the trucking industry isn’t going anywhere any time soon! In fact, it is predicted that US freight transportation is going to be increasing a lot over the next 11 years. The forecast indicates that the number of class 8 trucks in use will grow to 3.98 million by 2026.

How can management keep up with all of their new vehicles? The answer is simple; GPS trackers.

Here are some tips on how the trucking industry can create an efficient future with GPS trackers.

1.) Using Live Maps: Upon logging in, GPS tracker maps provide management with a zoomed out view to start with. This allows the manager using the map to see all trucks across the nation in one glance. So, if a company has truckers driving all over the United States, it’s not a problem to keep up with their whereabouts. Moreover, by zooming in on specific locations management can get a more precise view.

2.) Retrieving Data Reports: Important and useful information such as fuel percentage used, idling times, unapproved vehicle usage, driver speeds, work activity and delivery of freight can all be accessed by viewing reports within the GPS tracker system. This keeps a trucking company’s managers in the know and workers performing at their best.

3.) Receiving Ongoing Alerts: Vehicle maintenance alerts, Geofencing alerts, Panic alerts and more are all pieces of a puzzle that allow managers to keep daily tabs on vehicles being used. Safety, security and upkeep are all easier with the automation provided by GPS trackers.

With all of the knowledge that GPS tracker devices provide to the trucking industry, everyone will be able to complete their jobs more efficiently and taking on more vehicles for the future won’t be a problem. GPS tracker devices are smart technology
for fleet growth.

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