US Fleet Tracking Provides Helps Fleet Companies Use GPS Tracking To Attract Hard Working Individuals

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 20, 2016) — Keeping hard working truck drivers on board is becoming a difficult task. According to the 2015 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis Report, the last 15 years has shown that the trucking industry has periodically struggled with a shortage of truck drivers. Retaining the finest workers is going to require dedication on the fleet owner’s part to show drivers that they really care. GPS tracking has plenty of features to please the best drivers and attract hard working individuals to stick around. Today, US Fleet Tracking provides 4 tricks to help fleet companies use GPS tracking to attract hard working individuals.

1.) Provide Organization: Make things easier on employees so they can focus on their jobs. Drivers get an easier ride with GPS tracking organizing their work lives. Starting with clocking in for the day, the GPS tracking software time stamps billable hours so employees can do away with manual time sheets. Throughout the day management and drivers can both obtain shared data, instantly. For example, invoices, inventory lists, customer contact information, and more can be uploaded and seen by users. Dispatching can also perform their jobs much quicker by reducing or eliminating all cell phone calls thanks to the two-way communication feature.

2.) Protect Reputations: No one likes work drama. Employees tend to remain employees longer when they don’t have to deal with all the fuss. With that being said, it’s bound to happen and that’s when it matters how the fleet manager handles things. If a seemingly unsatisfied customer should call in a false claim against a driver, the GPS tracking system records all the driver statistics and could easily help to negate that false claim. Protect employees’ reputations by having GPS tracking. Letting them know that their back is covered is a great way to entice the best in the field to stay.

3.) Provide Safety: Showing that safety is a top priority shows that management cares about protecting drivers from harm. GPS tracking can help drivers become more aware of their driving habits like speeding and harsh braking. Knowing is half the battle, so once drivers know there is an issue it can be addressed, making certain that drivers remain as safe as possible in the field. Panic alerts provided by GPS tracking, also give an extra level of safety for drivers, should they ever find themselves in a compromising position. Additionally, maintenance alerts can help everyone to remember when vehicle maintenance is due. Doing so will ensure that all company vehicles are safe to stay in operation.

4.) Increase Incentives: Keeping the finest workers around may take the implementation of an incentive program. Measuring driver performance might be difficult if things are being done manually, but if the company is using GPS tracking this can be achieved easily. Simply utilize the recorded data for up to 90 days back and award the driver with the best statistics. If it seems as though the company doesn’t have to funds to have an incentive program, think about the fact that the dedicated employees will be likely to work more productively, therefore; increasing the chance for more jobs to be completed and more revenue to come in.

Having a well thought out plan put into practice can make a positive impact on the automation process as well as in keeping employees satisfied. Not only will the business become more efficient than ever, but those hard working individuals that every boss wants will be drawn in by the company’s obvious willingness to be the best.

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