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April 20, 2016 2:45 pm

4 Tips To Becoming An Eco-Friendly Fleet Using GPS Trackers

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 20, 2016) — There has been a noticeable shift in the way people think about the planet we live on. Within the last handful of years, awareness about protecting the Earth’s environment has skyrocketed. There are now eco-friendly products and services being offered around every corner in lieu of the old ways of doing things which caused a lot of toxins to enter the air. Even corporate companies are taking on the challenge to become more eco-friendly. 4 tips to becoming an eco-friendly fleet using GPS trackers.

1.) Help Drivers Drive Less: Some may wonder how in the world they can be expected to drive less when it’s a fleet company and that’s just what they do! Where there are GPS trackers, there is a way. GPS trackers allow for optimal route planning to help accomplish this goal. By clicking into the dispatch and route planning feature, management or the dispatching team can create the shortest pre-planned routes to driver destinations and cut down on unnecessary mileage.

2.) Help Drivers Idle Less: Waiting in long lines at a stop-light may be unavoidable, but the practice of keeping the vehicle running while popping into a gas station or entering a customer’s location can be stopped. Idling sends pollution into the air and it’s not good for the engine either. GPS trackers store idling data that can be viewed in reports so that managers can determine if the idling time is reasonable or if a driver needs to be coached.

3.) Help Drivers Speed Less: Did you know that slamming that pedal down to accelerate burns more fuel? Speeding through lanes of traffic on the highway is also a quick way to waste some fuel. Of course, more usage of fuel means more time spent at the pump and overuse of Earth’s vital resources. Guess what? GPS trackers can help you monitor which drivers are speeding regularly through alert set-ups and reports. This technology gives your fleet the ability to recognize aggressive driving behaviors and stop it in its tracks.

4.) Help Drivers Break Down Less: Not only does the company suffer downtime when there is unnecessary maintenance due to poor vehicle performance, but the environment suffers from the inefficient operation of the vehicle until maintenance is performed. Keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance is a must and GPS tracker can help managers set alerts to remind drivers of all vehicle repairs or preventative maintenance needed.

There it is; a way for fleet companies to get with the program and go green. With GPS trackers a fleet can become more fuel-efficient and prevent an overload of harmful pollutants entering the air. As a bonus, using the devices just might make business easier to manage on a daily basis. As an added bonus, business owners can be happy with the fact that they are reducing their carbon footprints.

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