September 26, 2016 4:00 pm

4 GPS Tracking Tips For Rental Car Services

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 26, 2016) — Renting a car is the go-to solution for summer travelers who don’t want to put mileage on their own vehicle, but also don’t want to pay to fly. Owners of car rental services know that while it can be profitable, there is a lot that comes along with allowing total strangers to borrow their most valuable property. With this in mind, there is hardly anything better than GPS tracking to help the car rental companies monitor their assets. Today, four GPS tracking tips for rental car services to utilize so that they can avoid risky business and let the company be very efficient.

1.) Making Use Of Live Maps: Companies not using GPS tracking are open to vehicles being stolen with, possibly, no way for recovery. What comes next? Insurance claims. Yuck! No one likes having to file insurance claims! Using GPS tracking, the live, 3G map allows the exact location of a rental car to be located in seconds. There’s no reason to not know where all rental vehicles are located. Just click into “Map Control” to zoom, pan, rotate or specify a request.

2.) Setting Up Geofence Alerts: Car rental companies can restrict the rental of their vehicles based on a specific region. Should the vehicle travel outside of the permitted area, the alert will be sent via email and/or text message. This means, alerts can be set to ping when the vehicles is in motion, especially if it isn’t supposed to be. Just tap into “Alert Notifications” on the dashboard to set up this handy alert.

3.) Remotely Unlocking Doors: Some cars have keyless start and remote door unlock features built in. A lot of car for rent simply aren’t upgraded to this standard. This means the company may face the possibility of a customer locking the keys in the car. One may have a spare key should the set get stuck inside a locked car, but what if the situation isn’t ideal and it’s not where the car is? GPS tracking can take care of this. Using “Device Commands” the door can be unlocked in seconds.

4.) Setting Up Maintenance Alerts: Rental cars get driven a lot. The more a car is driven, the likelihood of increased maintenance is very high. How does a rental company remember to rotate the tires, change the oil, check for proper alignment, and tune-up everything under the hood? GPS tracking maintenance alerts can save a whole lot of headache by automatically reminding users of any scheduled maintenance due. Just like with Geofence alerts, the steps are simple. First, click into the “Alert Notifications” area of the dashboard and follow the prompts to create a new alert for each maintenance item needed; oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

Rental cars hold a lot of value for a rental company and if they’re not using their GPS tracking devices to the fullest (or at all) then they run an increased risk of decreasing their bottom line. Money being shelled out for paying insurance deductibles and buying replacement vehicles is more expensive than prevention, in the long run. A bonus to being safer with GPS tracking, is that most insurance companies provide a lower rate to those using these devices.

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