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December 2, 2014 4:30 pm

USFT Points Out The Pitfalls Of Non-Professional Installations Of GPS Tracker Systems

OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 2, 2014) – As a business owner there are countless things to worry about on a regular basis such as budget, time constraints, customer service, tracking employee progress and many other important inner workings. At this point a business may have already decided to use a GPS tracker for their company vehicles to help manage all of the day to day tasks. That business might also be inclined to self-install their GPS tracker system. Be aware that there are many pitfalls that a company may face if they attempt to have their employees install their GPS trackers for them.

Thought: It will take less time if an employee installs the GPS trackers.
Pitfall: Installing a GPS tracker, properly, is important so the device functions with the software the way it needs to. There is no guarantee that a GPS tracker will be installed properly if a business opts to have their employee do the job, therefore; creating trouble-shooting issues down the road. The time it takes to research the issue and fix mistakes will inevitably delay business.

Thought: Self-installation is free or will save upfront costs.
Pitfall: If a business were to have one of its employees install their GPS trackers, that business would need to justify the true cost of labor for the time it takes to finish the job. In addition, they would need to account for the cost of removing the employee from their normal duties.

Thought: All GPS tracker devices are installed the same way, so how difficult could it be?
Pitfall: If a business has their own employee attempt to complete the job with what they perceive to be a universal install then this will, unquestionably, create complications. There is no generic installation due to the variety of circumstances; the installation process for a GPS Tracker can vary depending on many aspects such as vehicle year, make, model and the tracking device type.

Truth: A company always wants to do what is best for business, which means letting the professionals make certain they get the most out of fleet tracking technology. It is vital to have a properly installed GPS tracker system to ensure they have the most accurate fleet data and GPS tracking for their vehicles. Furthermore, monitoring their fleets is significant, making their business more efficient, and business does not want to have a system failure due to improper installation. It is important to have someone who is familiar with GPS tracker installation complete the job. Having a professional install the GPS tracker system can save businesses the headache of making mistakes and will get them a guaranteed, proper installation; undoubtedly saving them time and money in the long run.

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