US Fleet Tracking Lists 4 Ways The Usage Of GPS Tracker Geofences Helps Fleet Businesses

OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 16, 2015) — It’s no secret to many fleet owners that geofencing is quite the handy GPS tracker feature to have when it comes to keeping a watchful eye out on company vehicles. The GPS tracker system provides fleets with this popular feature which can be used in many areas of a fleet business. Most managers recognize geofences as a way to mark off designated areas on a map, but this technology can be utilized more than one way. US Fleet Tracking lists 4 ways the usage of GPS tracker geofences helps fleet businesses.

1) Protection: Securing company assets is important since they are worth a big chunk of investment. Company vehicles being used without permission or during non-operating hours can result in increased insurance premiums due to liability issues. It can also produce expensive downtime and, in some cases, damaged property. GPS tracker geofences help fleet managers protect company assets by keeping everyone notified with alerts.

2) Recovery: Many fleet vehicles are also being stolen for the parts inside. For example, construction companies know all too well the struggle of equipment theft. Should company vehicles get moved outside the assigned geofence, a theft alert can be activated. In this way, the GPS tracker geofence makes recovering stolen equipment quick and easy.

3) Time: The word “time” is small, but it has great merit for a fleet business. When a GPS tracker geofence is set-up for a job site, the managers will automatically know when employees are on the job site. This allows managers to monitor arrival, ongoing work and departure times. With geofence monitoring there is less likelihood of time delays and makes timesheets more accurate.

4) Billing: With vehicle alerts, GPS tracker geofences makes customer billing easier. It’s quick to diminish customer disputes with geofence alerts, because the alerts make it simple for managers to log the time spent on and off the jobs. The data can then be used for printing off precise invoices for customers.

In their most basic sense, geofences are virtual perimeters on a map. Essentially, geofencing capability will provide fleets with alarms as well as other fleet management features when perimeters are crossed. These features will allow companies to reduce liabilities, improve management and identify expected route deviations. Either creating a rectangular or polygonal shape of the area desired, one can see clearly if or when a vehicle being tracked moves into or out of that area. There is a lot that can be done within a fleet business by using just this one feature.

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