US Fleet Tracking Lends Efficiency Despite Traffic or Weather Conditions

OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 13, 2012) – Imagine seeing into the future and routing your business’s mobile employees around delays or obstructions such as stormy weather or heavy traffic all from your desk. Sounds like we’re talking about movie magic, right? US Fleet Tracking, the leader in live GPS tracking technology, is doing this now through the direct integration of changing traffic patterns and weather conditions related to live vehicle location data into its GPS tracking system.

US Fleet Tracking’s platform keeps clients’ mobile assets moving forward by informing them about traffic delays and road closures thus establishing the shortest most efficient routes to their destinations no matter what the conditions. The company’s weather overlay feature keeps the crew informed of weather patterns, plus any changes as they arise. The benefit of this technology is efficiencies in travel, plus increased safety of the crew, which drives profits straight to the bottom line.

US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS devices work on any web browser anywhere in the world, offering its customers much more than vehicle monitoring. Along with weather overlay and live traffic data, service call integration sets the technology apart from competitors. It’s more than the shortest route to the client’s service call. Now, it’s informing the closest mobile employee of the shortest route with the least amount of traffic and alerting them to changing weather patterns, all in one shot.

When your fleet is on the road, and you know threatening weather or traffic delays may be lurking, safety and efficiency in travel are at a premium. At these times, knowledge is the best recipe for being prepared.

“Leveraging this technology makes managers and dispatchers proactive instead of reactive,” says Jack Duncan, ERP integration director for US Fleet Tracking. “Travel time and vehicle expenses are pure cost with no revenue associated with them, therefore lost time due to traffic or weather conditions only exacerbate this cost.”

According to Duncan, businesses empowered with this full range of information routinely complete more service calls per day and realize more revenue to the bottom line, in terms of cost-savings and added safety for mobile crews.

“Inclement weather and traffic jams will have a drastic impact on productivity and profits, not to mention safety. Mobile employees are only building revenue when they’re doing what they are paid to do, in a manner most safe and efficient,” continues Duncan.

US Fleet Tracking’s TotalView Dispatch offers other tools such as an aggressive driving alert, and 90-day historical playback. The aggressive driving feature signals drastic changes in vehicle movement such as abrupt starts and stops, and historical playback shows where the vehicle was at any given moment within the past 90 days.

Beyond peace of mind linked to knowing your fleet is handled professionally, these features, and the entire suite of offerings, have an extra advantage sometimes overlooked. In some cases, they lead to a reduction of insurance premiums.

US Fleet Tracking, located in Oklahoma City, is the leader in live vehicle and asset tracking, providing groundbreaking sub-ten-second live tracking. In addition to expertise in tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking services to high-profile, large-scale public events. These include the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, 2012 Republican National Convention, Super Bowls XLI through XLVI, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more in-depth details, and to access a live demonstration of US Fleet Tracking’s system while in motion, visit