US Fleet Tracking Gives a First Hand Look and Provides Guidance for Businesses in the Market for a GPS Fleet Tracking System

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 27, 2014) – A well-known photography company has finally solidified a strong relationship with the local school districts in the area to contract their services for 20 high school graduations in one weekend. When graduation Saturday arrives, the dispatcher runs into a glitch in the system that could potentially devastate the direction of the day. Upon calling the tech support number given with the equipment and software, they are advised by the automated system that business hours will resume on Monday morning.

Businesses cannot be ignorant of the fact that even the best technology can fail us from time to time due to technical issues or user error. Since a GPS tracker is linked up to technology, having a thorough technical team supporting those important operations to build a business on, is invaluable. Business owners should not let the excitement of finding a fleet tracking company overshadow the need to ask the important questions.

Three Questions to ask when interviewing potential fleet management companies:

Can the GPS tracking system be customized to fit unique company needs?

One size does not fit all. The reports that a large fleet company may run will not be the same reports that a local plumber will find useful. Make sure that the fleet management company selected will offer the vital option of customizing the GPS tracking system with items relevant to the consumer’s industry and specific needs.

What kind of training is included?

Sure, a 500-page manual may contain the information needed to install and operate a new GPS tracking system, but a manual cannot answer back. If a business is making the investment in GPS tracking software, make sure the selling company is willing and able to guide and support the business through the initial set-up; and is available to offer future training and answer questions that will arise. Money is time, so put that time to good use.

What are the hours available for technical support?

As this scenario represents, technological difficulties unfortunately do not always occur during “normal business hours.” If a business or company works extended hours, it should choose a fleet management company who keeps the same hours.
GPS tracking is such an important asset to a business that taking the time to ask these important questions is vital.