US Fleet Tracking Gives 3 Tips On Using GPS Trackers In Lieu Of Personal Navigation Systems

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 21, 2016) — A lot of fleet business owners may think that personal navigation systems can do everything that GPS trackers can do, but that’s incorrect. If a business is still using personal navigation systems for their fleets, there’s a lot they’re missing out on. The pretty facade and a silly voice is all one really gets with a personal navigation system. GPS trackers have features that don’t make work harder than necessary to stay up-to-date with first-rate mapping. Today, US Fleet Tracking is giving 3 tips on using GPS tracker in lieu of personal navigation systems.

1.) Watch For Automatic Updates: GPS navigation systems don’t have maps that automatically update to show current traffic conditions, road hazards or other structural changes. GPS trackers do! Simply log-in to the device and go to the map area. The maps aren’t pre-set, they’re automatically kept up to date with the latest in road changes.

2.) Watch For Automatic Data: 1, 5, or 10 second updates are offered with GPS trackers. That’s not something personal navigation systems offer. With GPS trackers, not only will drivers know current traffic and weather conditions, but management will know the exact location of every driver thanks to live integration.

3.) Make Use Of Automatic Searches: Personal navigation systems do not allow users to quickly search an area for gas stations. GPS trackers, on the other hand, allow the driver to find anything in the area on the map simply by clicking down on the search bar and typing in a request. The best part is that it also displays whether the searched locations are open or closed.

With GPS trackers users don’t get just one streamline route. Managers get a live map with many options to help fleet drivers be more efficient. There really is no chance of getting lost with the most up to date maps being delivered instantly. Personal navigation devices may be a cheaper option, but clearly they aren’t superior. Using these tips provided, anyone can be just a few clicks away from obtaining an awesome experience with GPS trackers.

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