US Fleet Tracking Explains Ways GPS Trackers Protect Assets Against Halloween Tricks

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 14, 2016) — Halloween season is in full force and the activities have begun. While this is a time of year for some tasty treats and outdoor fall fun, there may be those late nights when some pranksters will take “tricks” a little too far. Fleet owners never know when outsiders will take the opportunity to target company vehicles as they sit in the office parking lot. Protecting vehicles from theft is a growing problem for many fleets, mostly overnights and on weekends. US Fleet Tracking explains ways GPS trackers protect company assets from pranksters that misconstrue theft of trucks and gasoline for a funny “trick.”

1.) Use Of Geofences Alerts: GPS trackers with the geofence alert features are very helpful in this instance. When managers leave the office for the night they can set up designated geofences on the company vehicles. This makes it possible for the GPS trackers to send out an alert when a company truck is moving, especially if it shouldn’t be.

2.) Use Of Live Maps: Thanks to GPS trackers having live maps with 3G connectivity, if a theft did ever take place, management would immediately have the location information to report the stolen property to authorities. This makes getting trucks back faster.

With GPS trackers, and US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking software, fleet owners will be able to protect assets against those pesky, and costly, pranks by stopping perpetrators in their tracks. Keeping company trucks from being stolen also translates into an increased bottom line, immediately saving money. Many fleet managers find that their worries are decreased when GPS trackers are being used.

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