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February 18, 2016 9:45 pm

How The GPS Tracking Map Makes Use Of 4 Colors To Help Fleets Avoid Traffic

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 18, 2016) — One of the most common symbols known to drivers is the traffic light which brings recognition of red, yellow and green. When a traffic light isn’t functioning properly it’s common to see a black cover over the light. As these 4 colors are already ingrained in the mind and have meanings for all drivers, it made sense to utilize these colors in the GPS tracking system. Today, how using these 4 colors can help fleets quickly look at their GPS tracking map and help them to avoid traffic.

Traffic conditions are a bother when fleet drivers are trying to get to their customers’ destinations in a timely manner. Looking at the GPS tracking live map, dispatchers, management and drivers can all see the current traffic conditions. Using the well-known traffic light colors helps users to understand how to look at the map and see what they need to see in a glance.

1. Green means go and that is precisely why if a green line appears, representing a street, on the map that is means traffic is clear.
2. Yellow means caution, so if drivers see a yellow line on their map it means that the area has slight congestion.
3. Red means stop, therefore; when drivers see a red line it means that the highlighted area will be very congested with either very slow or stopped traffic.
4. Finally, just as we mentioned before, black means “out-of-order”. Like the black covered stop light that isn’t functioning, a black line on the map represents an area that is closed down.

The nice part about the live GPS tracking map is that it allows the user to zoom in on an area and see exactly which lane is experiencing trouble. One side of the highway may be green, or clear to drive on and the other may be red, or congested. Anyone from a fleet can obtain a lot of information just by using this simple, quick color recognition! It’s fast, easy and one more way fleet businesses can be more efficient.

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