US Fleet Tracking Explains 3 Ways That A GPS Tracker Will Generate New Business For Service Fleets

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 16, 2014) – A question often heard concerning GPS trackers is, “How will a GPS tracker system help generate new business?” The answer is reiterated over and over by current clients. They see first hand the ways that GPS tracking saves them money. Here is a break down of a few of the ways that a GPS tracker will not just save money, but help generate new business.

Less of the “waiting game”: When a service business gives a potential customer a twelve-hour window of service, they will probably not find a repeat of business. A business’ customers are looking for someone to do a good job, but also in a timely manner. They do not want to take an entire personal day waiting around in hopes that someone will show up early. This makes a customer feel trapped in their home. Not only will they have to miss work, but this really makes it hard for them to leave the house, should the service person show up while they step out for a moment.

By implementing a GPS tracker system, a business makes better use of their time. Even with a few employees, a business can schedule jobs for their employees based on regions. Drivers accomplish more jobs with a GPS tracker since they eliminate the wasted commute of jobs all over the map. This planning means more control over work day tasks, thus shortening the window of wait. This will earn major points with new customers, as this rewards them with the gift of time; and time is money.

Timeliness in scheduling: If a business gets a call and takes too long to schedule the service, they will more than likely lose their window of opportunity with the customer. While they are hunting a driver down to see if he or she is available to take the job, this potential customer is calling competitors. If that competitor is on top of their game, they will have the potential customer scheduled before the first business even has the chance to call them back. If losing that job was not enough, just think about the network of other potential clients this customer could have offered in the future.

A GPS tracker allows a business to make the most of every moment. When they receive a call requesting service in a certain part of town, within seconds, they will be able to locate and schedule a driver for the job before hanging up the phone.

More accurate invoices: Since a manager cannot be in multiple locations at once, they must assume that all employees and their clients are being honest. Without a GPS tracker, a manager has no way of knowing who to believe when a client calls and complains that they are being charged for more man hours than a technician clocked. This creates a dilemma. If the client is being dishonest, there is the risk of hurting the relationship with the employee when questioning their integrity. On the other hand if siding with the employee, when they have been dishonest, the business risks losing a client, and money paying a dishonest employee.

A GPS tracker system eliminates the need to play jury in cases like these. A GPS tracker will not only share when an employee arrives and leaves a job, but will also have access to an automated invoice. This leaves little room for human error or second guessing if everyone is being honest.

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