US Fleet Tracking Examines How HVAC Businesses Utilize GPS Trackers For Efficiency

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 25, 2016) — The middle of winter isn’t a fun time for customers to have the heat go out, but that’s when the job as an HVAC business owner becomes even more important. Business owners know that their technicians need to be out there repairing and they need to know their workers are getting to customers in a timely manner. Making customers wait in less than wonderful conditions will deter them from wanting to be return customers. Of course, the winter season is the perfect time for many HVAC companies to make use of the benefits that GPS trackers can provide for them.

Every business owner hopes that their employees are doing their jobs to the best of their ability, but hope isn’t proof. The fact is they may not always “hop to it” and customers could be left waiting and unaware of when they will receive service. Technicians play a very vital role in the success of an HVAC business so it makes sense that knowing their whereabouts would be beneficial. With GPS trackers, management monitor their fleets efficiently and also accomplish significant results. US Fleet Tracking has received reports from HVAC companies stating that, since the installation of GPS trackers, they have the ability to do some of the following:

– Provide customers with accurate times of arrival

– Plan the safest, quickest route to drivers’ destinations

– Re-route drivers through traffic congestion or weather

– Automate start/stop times for employees

– Automate customer maintenance schedules

– Track drivers’ locations and monitor driver behavior

The reality is that HVAC drivers must always be ready to make service calls and perform maintenance on HVAC systems. All of the benefits provided by GPS trackers make it possible for HVAC teams to provide better customer service while being more productive.

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