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August 12, 2016 3:00 pm

4 GPS Tracking Tips To Help Police Departments Keep Perpetrators At Bay

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 12, 2016) — GPS trackers have helped police officers to catch criminals, therefore; they helped to protect citizens. Improving quality service is something that is simple with real-time monitoring. Of course, enhancing the police force doesn’t stop at monitoring vehicle usage. Today, 4 GPS tracking tips to help police departments keep criminals at bay.

1.) How To See Which Squad Car Is Closest To A Crime Scene: Utilizing GPS trackers, dispatching can use the real-time map to see all registered vehicles displayed in the field. With numerous units in the field at once, knowing their exact location cuts out a lot of guesswork and down time, allowing officers to serve the public quicker. What might have been a 20 minute wait for a police officer can easily be cut down to a 5 minute wait!

2.) How To Know If Officers Are Sticking To Their Assigned Areas: Geofence alerts are a great feature within the GPS trackers which will allow chiefs to keep track of the officers in lower ranks. The alert can be sent via text or email if an officer leaves his or her assigned area. This is important for maintaining efficiency and safety. For example, in the event that a criminal were to hijack a police car, someone back in the office would know immediately and be able to track the whereabouts of the driver.

3.) How Officers Can Easily Log Evidence For Prosecution: Everyone that has access to GPS trackers can view the data stored in the system. This becomes incredibly useful for showing the captain back at the office when illegal cargo has been confiscated or evidence has been collected for prosecution. Officers can log this information in the device for easy retrieval later. Being able to simply efforts can aid in the activities that lead up to convictions in court.

4.) How To Ensure Evidence Made It Into The Appropriate Storage Lockers: Evidence can be logged while officers are still out in the field. From there, using the technology provided by GPS trackers, information can be updated to show cargo as stored away, properly, inside the evidence lockers.

These are just a few tips to help law enforcement make use of GPS trackers to be able to keep criminals at bay. When the public thinks of their local police department, the first words that should come to mind are safety and protection. Being able to keep officers organized can help them maintain a high level of safety and commit to protecting their community.

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