US Fleet Tracking and TowExchange Provide Real-Time Location Data for the Tow Industry

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 7, 2010) – TowXchange recently incorporated US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking products and technology into its software packages, further establishing TowXchange as the leader in towing and recovery operations management software development. This partnership allows TowXchange to offer its clients through its TOPS software a real-time tracking and reporting tool, which integrates with the TOPS dispatch module.

TowXchange now offers its clients the benefit of knowing exactly where each tow truck is located, making dispatching simpler. This in turn improves on response times and decreases business costs such as fuel and personnel time.

“Giving our clients the ability to know exactly where their trucks are located combined with visual icons for each towing dispatch job allows towing operators to visually dispatch,” said Jeff Pesnell of TowXchange. “They’re able to reach people in need much faster and eliminate unnecessary travel.”

Time and cost saving benefits may spark the interest of the average client, but US Fleet Tracking’s newest development of incorporating a weather overlay allows operators to keep their people in the field safe. Launched in June 2010 the weather overlay gives users the most up-to-date radar and cloud cover images as they relate to the real-time position of its vehicles. Dispatchers now have the ability to divert drivers that may be headed into treacherous weather conditions as well as guide them out of these situations.

“Knowing our customers can improve their business and cut cost while keeping their employees safe is such a comfort in a sometimes volatile business environment,” said Pesnell. “It’s a natural fit for TowXchange and US Fleet Tracking to bring our clients these unique services.”

US Fleet Tracking CEO and founder Jerry Hunter is the original developer of the company’s GPS tracking web-based platform. With US Fleet Tracking selected as the vehicle tracking product of choice at the past four Super Bowls, the 2010 Winter Olympics and countless other venues, Hunter’s devices have established a reputation as the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

“As far as tracking devices go, US Fleet Tracking has the best on the market,” said Pesnell. “Their products are highly functional, easy to use and are very affordable for any business trying to stay a step ahead of their competitors, manage operating costs and attract new customers.”

US Fleet Tracking, located in Oklahoma City, is the leader in real-time asset and vehicle tracking, providing industry-leading sub-ten-second service. In addition to its experience tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking to countless large-scale public venues including Super Bowls XLI, XLII, XLIII and XLIV, the 2010 Pro Bowl, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more information on US Fleet Tracking, visit and access a live demonstration with actual moving vehicles.

TowXchange is a leading provider of towing management software for the towing and recovery, transportation, municipal and law enforcement markets. They offer products and services to meet the needs of full-featured dispatch management systems, mobile data services, motor club digital dispatching, public safety systems and custom integration services. Its products and services together create a powerful tool to help better manage any vehicle towing operation. For more information on TowXchange, visit