US Fleet Tracking and AgTrax Technologies Sign Strategic Partnership

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 16, 2013) – US Fleet Tracking, a global leader in live GPS tracking and software solutions, is teaming with AgTrax Technologies, creator of the premier accounting program built specifically for agri-businesses in a strategic partnership that enables 3rd party integration through US Fleet Tracking’s TotalView system. The comprehensive platform offered by US Fleet Tracking allows for monitoring and decision-making communication on the go, empowering business partners to offer clients live GPS tracking of fleet vehicles as well as non-moving assets.

The partnership will provide AgTrax customers with GPS location and fleet management solutions for improving operational efficiencies in day-to-day security and operations of their mobile assets. Software features include 10 second live location updates, weather and traffic data, routing, geo fencing, suspect alerts, PTO monitoring, reports, historical playback, vehicle maintenance and more. Integration with AgTrax software adds value by merging delivery, service calls and work order locations on US Fleet Tracking’s TotalView display along with fleet location, providing a comprehensive view, while enhancing customer service and bolstering business productivity decisions. US Fleet Tracking’s management software services are available on a month-to-month, no contract agreement which allows agri-business operations to act based on seasonal, budgetary and changing business needs.

US Fleet Tracking’s agreement with AgTrax provides GPS integration that allows AgTrax customers to secure and monitor the location of their rolling asset inventory. These assets include OTR grain trucks, fleet and fuel delivery vehicle and feed trucks. Application equipment and other uses are also expected to be implemented.

“AgTrax is extremely excited about this agreement with US Fleet Tracking,” states Chuck Jenkins, director of marketing and sales at AgTrax. “The service provides yet another financially beneficial 3rd party application for creating efficiency and cost savings to our customers. With liability costs associated with rolling stock continually one of the chief financial burdens to rural organizations, being able to locate them at any given moment provides peace of mind and insurance that stock can be accounted for and equipment remains generating revenue as intended. Considering the seasonality of agriculture, the ‘no-contract’ aspect that US Fleet Tracking offers is a key factor to AgTrax and is extremely enticing to our customer base.”

“AgTrax is committed to our philosophy of bringing ‘best-of-breed’ partner applications that offer a true value-add to our customers and US Fleet Tracking fits that mold unequivocally,” adds Jenkins. “A seamless integration to TraxView, our new Windows® user interface, will provide additional functionality and increased return on investment.”

“More and more agri-business companies are looking to GPS technology to improve their mobile fleet and asset management for reducing costs and liability,” said Darrell Leven, business development director at US Fleet Tracking. “We are very excited to work with the AgTrax team as a strategic partner to deliver integrated GPS software technology and data. Together we can make a significant difference in the day-to-day operational efficiency of AgTrax clients.”

AgTrax ( offers an array of comprehensive, reliable integrated software programs and complete systems designed specifically for grain elevators, fertilizer companies, cooperatives, ethanol production facilities, feed stores, agronomy service providers, petroleum providers and other types of businesses in agriculture. Agribusiness accounting is the core of what we do, but the diversity in our system architecture and introduction of partner applications makes us the best fit for any agribusiness.

US Fleet Tracking, located in Oklahoma City, is the leader in live vehicle and asset tracking, providing groundbreaking features and sub-ten-second live tracking. In addition to expertise in tracking commercial vehicles, the company has provided tracking services to high-profile, large-scale public events. These include the past seven Super Bowls, 2010 Winter Olympics in Calgary, 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, and 2012 Republican National Convention. For more in-depth details, and to access a live demonstration of US Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking system while in motion, visit