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Meet Our Team

We work with the best.
GPS tracking company owner Jerry Hunter
Jerry Hunter
Founder / CEO

Jerry Hunter, founder and CEO of US Fleet Tracking, has been an innovator and technologist since the dawn of the computer industry. Beginning in the early 80’s, Jerry wrote the software behind a number of groundbreaking technologies, including the first public-access multi-user chat system, the first large-scale commercial deployment of bar code technology, the first large-scale deployment of handheld computing technology, two of the first wireless data transfer protocols, and the first system to transfer rich media (graphics, video and audio) between client and server. He eventually grew up and today this father of three enjoys spending quality time with his kiddos and building businesses.

GPS tracking company employee Regina Marsh
Regina Marsh
General Counsel

Regina grew up with her step mom and two step sisters. Forced to clean and take care of her evil sisters, she ran away and went to law school. During the annual law school ball, she broke a heel and fell into the arms of Prince Charming. Regina defends high-profile clients, such as the Fairy God Mother, The Three Blind Mice, and Snow White.

GPS tracking company employee Amani McLemore
Amani McLemore
Director of Accounting

Amani joined US Fleet Tracking in 2013. She holds a degree in marketing and accounting. Now Director of Accounting for US Fleet Tracking, Amani's attention to detail and leadership helps move the company forward with continued success. She enjoys family time, playing soccer, and cheering on her Oklahoma Sooners.

GPS tracking company employee Sam Sims
Sam Sims, APR
Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Sam has been part of the US Fleet Tracking family since 2009 and joined full time as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing in 2010 after serving as the account director within a national public relations agency. His primary role for the organization is to achieve the company's business objectives through fostering communications between the organization and all of its target markets.

GPS tracking company employee Jim Carman
Jim Carman
National Sales Director

As National Sales Director, Jim leads the company’s global sales efforts. This includes management of US Fleet Tracking’s network of distributors, resellers, and direct sales force. His experience providing business grade technology solutions while working for leading telecommunication service providers, wireless carriers, and business focused consulting firms has enabled him to develop the leadership style instrumental in the company’s organizational growth.

GPS tracking company employee Brent Romine
Brent Romine
Sales Engineer

As a Sales Engineer, Brent helps customers find unique and valuable solutions for their everyday business needs. Before arriving at US Fleet Tracking in 2011, he was an accomplished collegiate golfer, a P.J. Boatwright Jr. Intern with the OGA and ran organized events for the golf industry. Working with every department at US Fleet Tracking Brent has created a unique blend of experience, industry knowledge and prestige to provide a bright future for the company.

GPS tracking company employee Bill Eichorn
Bill Eichorn
Director of Operations

Bill joined US Fleet Tracking as the Director of Operations in 2008 where he oversees manufacturing, device management and order fulfillment for the company. Bill’s ability to manage and excel among complex projects allows him to play an integral role in vehicle tracking for the NFL’s Super Bowl since 2008. Bill is passionate about his two sons and spending time outdoors.