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Don’t wait! Make your software more robust while simultaneously creating an additional revenue stream for your company.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Looking to offer your users more options and features without increasing your development time? USFT offers simple integration and private-label branding of its live GPS tracking platform, giving your customers live location-based data in relation to your management software.

Increase Revenue & Sales

What’s in it for you financially? GROWTH! You can add up to $10 profit (per tracking device per month) to your bottom line – potentially millions of dollars per year! Let say you have 2,000 clients each with 10 vehicles or assets that you add GPS tracking to. Your bottom line could net $200,000 per month. That’s $2.4 million annually!! Who doesn’t want to add another million-dollar revenue stream with minimal effort?

Increase Revenue
Increase Market Share
Grow Your Market Share

Let us increase your market share through new features and access to an established client base. USFT's clients continually seek systems that improve efficiencies within their companies. We’d love to promote your offerings to our installed base of clients as part of the partnership.

Create another revenue stream, today!
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Simple Integration

USFT makes it very easy to integrate with live GPS tracking data.


Integration Made Simple

We strive to make the integration process as smooth and simple as possible. Each integration presents unique challenges and our in-house developers make it seem like a walk in the park. Let us show you how easy it is. Call today.

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GPS Tracking Integration

Let us help take you to the next level.

Integrating with US Fleet Tacking’s live GPS tracking data is a proven method of increasing customer satisfaction, creating a viable revenue stream and increasing your market share. Call us and begin, now!

Features of USFT

There’s a reason why Fortune 500 companies and the Super Bowl use live GPS tracking from USFT. When they need results, they turn to the company with consistently accurate data.

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Gain the competitive edge through integrating live GPS tracking, now. Your clients will gain accurate, live tracking data giving them an entire picture of their mobile fleet.