October 14, 2013 8:45 pm

Oakdale School System Signs USFT for Monitoring of School Buses

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 14, 2013) – Imagine being able to view your child’s school bus in motion, knowing that it’s safe, and even predicting arrival times to aid during inclement weather. USFT now brings live GPS tracking to the Oakdale school system, adding to its list of schools using the company’s tracking technology in Oklahoma and nationwide. Recipients are quickly finding value not only during school hours in the location-based data, and with these unexpected benefits another key advantage is emerging: peace of mind.

Oakdale, an Edmond, Okla. public school system, now has the capacity through USFT's live GPS technology to monitor their fleet of school buses, with such features as preset routes, idle times, and vehicle maintenance reminders. The key component to this technology advancement may however be that while only the system administrator has the ability to change settings and utilize the myriad features available, parents now have the ability to view bus locations live as they travel, and plan their leave-off and pickup times with more precision.

Kim Lanier, Superintendent at Oakdale, cites as integral the ease with which parents can access a view of their child’s bus location: “With an easy login, authorized individuals can see where the buses are, and since each is numerically marked, they can easily track when their child’s bus will arrive to and from school.”

Lanier also says Oakdale’s athletic department is benefiting from USFT's live GPS devices in school vehicles.

“With some activities and teams in our conference located statewide, knowing these children are safe and communicating accurate arrival times when some are late at night gives us, and parents, a great sense of security. Without question, we’re more reliant on USFT's system than we expected when we signed on.”

Vanoss Public Schools of Oklahoma also employs USFT's live 10-second tracking for its school buses. As transportation director for the school system, Robert Grigg speaks to some of its hands-on advantages: “I can show new drivers the routes without leaving my desk, as well as changes as they come up. Without it, my job would be totally different. Everything would take longer!”

“I rely on it so much,” says Grigg, “I can’t really imagine operating without the tracking system anymore.”

With features ranging from alerts that notify when a driver is off their preset route to historical playback to excessive idling, USFT's wide array of features are built for enhanced safety, cost savings and overall efficiency managing all aspects of your fleet, no matter the size.

Along with these traits, the greatest “value” the company’s live GPS tracking adds to school systems is summed up by Charles Kaiser, whose child attends Oakdale: “The tracking is GREAT; I use it every day. I think for most parents, myself included, the big thing is that it eases our minds. In fact, I even got one for my mother. I consider this a very positive addition to Oakdale’s school system.”

USFT lends tracking capabilities to school systems nationwide, with vital features as weather overlay and traffic aiding safe transport of children and cost-efficient navigation of their vehicle fleets.

USFT is the leader in live GPS vehicle and asset tracking, providing groundbreaking sub-ten-second live tracking. In addition to expertise in tracking commercial vehicles, the company provides tracking services to high-profile large-scale public events. These include the 2010 Winter Olympics in Calgary, 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, 2012 Republican National Convention, and Super Bowls XLI through XLVII. For more in-depth details, and to access a live demonstration of USFT's system while in motion, visit https://www.usfleettracking.com.